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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Dolly Jolly 2022 part 2

It was Picnic time at the Dolly Jolly!

The hotel had kindly given us the use of a patio and lawn area beside the hotel leisure centre for the picnic and everyone brought along their food, drink and doll contributions.

The doll picnic display was set up on the grass, there were even some picnic games.

We feasted and chatted in the bright, hot sunshine (there were no umbrellas over the patio tables), took photos of the dolls having their picnic fun then some of us moved into the shade to continue chatting. As is so often the case with picnics, there was far too much food and some people had brought lovely home made cakes to share.

Betsy Schoenhut supervised Roxane, Louisa and baby Nina at the picnic

Edmund was being taught how to play croquet by Reuben, Timothy and another boy

The croquet game was fun

Melanie and Laura played Quoits in the bright sunshine

Two adorable little girls treated their teddy bears to a picnic

picnic hamper from the raffle, games and food for these Sasha and Gregor dolls

There was plenty of room on this picnic rug for more doll friends to join

Deep conversations were had at the picnic

A hamper of delicious picnic food

A picnic party on the rug for a variety of doll friends

Another picnic gathering

After playing games in the sunshine, Timothy, Melanie, Reuben and Laura were glad to catch some shade on the picnic rug before it was time to pack up and go indoors

After tidying away all the picnic food and displays, the afternoon room hopping session started at 4pm.

The wonderful collection of dolls house dolls in Room 6

Two of the dolls house dolls in Room 6

Dolls house children playing in Room 6

Dolls house children going for a walk in Room 6

The dolls house sailor with his tea drinking wife in Room 6

The sleeping dolls house baby in its finely knitted clothes in Room 6

The wonderful Canadian dolls house family by Anne Rigler, Montana 1986 in Room 6

A dolls house family from the owner's childhood in Room 6

A Petitcollin Minouche by Sylvia Natterer in Room 6

Sasha in red gingham in Room 6

Sasha and Gregor conversation in Room 6

Some much loved childhood dolls in Room 6

I wonder what they were talking about in Room 6

Cuddly soft handmade rag dolls, Gregor, baby Sasha and Sasha in Room 7

Smart Gregor wearing his jumpsuit and bandana in Room 7

Baby Sasha and Sasha wearing protective sunhats in Room 7

Three Sasha babies with their toys in Room 8

A selection of handmade dolls clothes, plus Zwergnase doll and another doll in Room 8

The owner of the dolls in the nineth room I visited preferred for her dolls to not feature on my public blog, though she was kind enough to allow photos for me to show my daughter, who was busy revising in our room for her examinations.

Bettina dolls in Room 10

Sasha, Kathe Kruse, Alta Moda dolls and a teddy bear in Room 10

The repaired Kathe Kruse doll in Room 10

Two early Barbie dolls in Room 10

Sasha, Gregor and Alta Moda dolls in Room 10

The evening meal on Saturday night was followed by Dolly Bingo, which proved to be a lot of fun.

Dolly Bingo prizes on display again on the Saturday evening

Some of the prizes for Dolly Bingo

The gorgeous rag doll was not a prize, the prize was a promise the maker would create a bespoke rag doll for the winner.

The wonderful Pirate girl outfit Dolly Bingo prize

The late Susanna Lewis designed and hand knitted this lovely prize, which included a photo of Susanna with her daughters

The Sasha baby repainted and rewigged by Di Dailey

We brought several of our dolls to the dinner, as we had not been able to have a room hopping display due to examinations revision.

L-R: Joy and Kolisi in his SA Rugby outfit (Kruselings), Edmund, Roxane, Louisa, Trendon Elliott, Miranda, Nicholas James and my SCW Charity Doll Russell

Roxane met with the other little Minouche doll at dinner

My SCW charity doll sat peacefully as Roxane and her new Minouche friend got to know each other

We were impressed with this Sasha dressed as Calamity Jane, who came to the dinner.

Sasha dressed as Calamity Jane

We were amazed and delighted to win two of the Dolly bingo prizes. My daughter was watched by several people as she carefully dressed Laura in her new outfit during a later Bingo round. The skirt is patchwork squares stitched together and the treasure bag contains treasure!

Laura in her Pirate Girl outfit

Baby Ginger with teddy, additional outfit by Rosie Laird and patchwork quilt

Our dolls after the Dolly Bingo

The following morning after breakfast and before saying goodbye to everyone, we took Laura and Florence outside to the hotel bandstand for some photos.

Laura and Florence at the Bandstand

Laura and Florence at the Bandstand

Laura the pirate girl and Florence in her windmill dress

The Dolly Jolly was such good fun - thank you to Janet, Tricia and Shelley for all your work in organising the weekend.