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Monday, 24 December 2018

Decorating the tree for Christmas 2018

Since my October posts I've not been able to do much with any of my dolls for close personal family reasons so I'm not feeling very festive this year. Loss of a beloved sibling (even though expected after a long, courageous battle) is a whole new experience for my sister and I (having experienced loss of both parents in childhood) and does bring into focus what really matters in our daily lives, even though we live in different countries.  However, we're still doing what we can for Christmas as we cherish the memories of past happy Christmasses which he did so well.

Yesterday my younger daughter and I had a redressing doll afternoon and preparation of the scene, then on Christmas Eve we found time in the evening to take photos.  So enjoy the photos of the much loved pastime of children decorating the Christmas tree in preparation for celebrating the giving and receiving of love.

How to keep two excited toddlers occupied on Christmas Eve?  Give them their own new Christmas tree to decorate!

Edmund had the first decoration - a miniature Christmas tree

Louisa was pleased to hang a snowman on the tree next

Several decorations later

Baby Daisy reached into the box of decorations

She picked out another snowman to hang on a lower branch which was nicely in reach

Baby Nina found a red decoration in the box

Louisa watched a bit anxiously as Nina reached over to the tree to hang her decoration

Nina managed to hang her decoration on the tree without pulling the tree over

Edmund had a red bauble for the tree

Edmund carefully put the red bauble on a branch

Daisy and the tree

Tree decorating all finished - the toddlers looked at each other proudly as Trendon Elliott and Melanie looked on.

Edmund and Louisa with their tree

The whole Sasha family with their Christmas trees

L-R: baby Theo, Timothy, Nicholas James, baby Daisy, Edmund, Trendon Elliott, Melanie, Louisa, baby Nina, baby Davy, Reuben and baby Amy

L-R: Edmund, Trendon Elliott, Melanie, Louisa, baby Nina, baby Davy, Reuben, baby Amy, Laura, baby Leo, Florence, baby Mabel and Miranda