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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Welcome, and doll photography

A belated welcome to Julieta who started to follow my (recently rather quiet) doll blog a couple of weeks ago.  You can find her blog at  Julieta, who is from Mexico and blogs in Spanish, lives in Holland and has some wonderful costume dolls pictured on her blog.

I have been quiet on this blog recently because I've started a digital photography course, in the hope that I can increase my understanding of the technical side of photography, so that I'll improve the photos I take.  Up until now I've been using the scene settings on my Nikon camera, and have been too uncertain about the array of other settings available to get adventurous, but with guidance am starting to make a little progress in the manual settings.  I want to be able to photograph miniatures and dolls with greater clarity, and get the light balance right in dolls house photos, which can be a tricky challenge.

The other day I was alerted, via my Flickr contacts, that some of my Gotz doll photos I'd taken had appeared on a Russian Doll forum.  The person who had borrowed them was genuinely interested in them and wanted to share them with other doll enthusiasts, but didn't say where she had found them.  I requested that she acknowledge their source and she has updated the forum with the dollmum blogspot URL, however it has made me realise that I ought to watermark my doll photos that I post up on the blog and on flickr, so that people know their source.  I don't have a problem with people sharing photos, I just prefer them acknowledged.