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Sunday 12 January 2014

Trying out the scooter

Reuben and Nicholas James have been desperate to get outside and try out the scooter which my younger girl got for Christmas, however the weather has been so wet and dull it hasn't been possible to let them go outside.  Today dawned extremely frosty and clear however by the time the boys had got dressed into warm clothes it had clouded over, the frost had melted though was still very chilly.  So the boys and Laura ventured out for a quick try-out on the scooter.  My younger girl helped with this photo story.

Look Reuben, we can use the scooter outside today
Hi Laura, yes of course you can join us
I'm trying the scooter first
Its tricky getting my balance on the scooter
My turn now, I am using my foot to get some speed to help balance the scooter
May I have a go please, Reuben?
I may be stylish but I do like to have fun outdoors too
I don't want to wobble
Well done Laura, you've got the hang of the scooter
Reuben is wearing his oversized Gotz hoodie and hat which he brought with him when he arrived and his sweater he received for Christmas, Nicholas James is honouring Ronny's son in his 'Elliott hooded shirt' and skinny jeans (Passion for Sasha) and a Dollydoodles beany hat.  Laura is wearing her new (Chat n Snap) Sashapotomus top, her swap jacket from the 2012 Sasha Festival, the leggings from her Millie outfit, Ugg boots from Rosemarie S, and a Hattie Bonham Carter hat and scarf set.

The Radio Flyer scooter I bought from Caryn M who came to the UK for a couple of weeks in November and brought it with her (which meant I paid UK rather than international postage and the asking price).  It doesn't have its stand, so we improvised with a slotted block fitted to the back wheel and a block under a foot when needed.  I could have edited them out, but decided to leave them as they don't detract from the action.

Thursday 9 January 2014

A double rocking surprise

Yes, Christmas is over, it is Epiphany now so why mention Christmas day again?  Because I haven't yet told you about our double rocking surprise from that day.

About 3 weeks before Christmas I spotted a doll sized rocking chair in a local antique shop (the same one where I bought the doll sized sleigh 2 years ago).  It wasn't an antique and was a sensible price so I brought it home as a gift for my younger daughter.  On Christmas day we spent part of the day at home, when the girls unwrapped some gifts including a second hand radio flyer scooter from the USA which Nicholas James and Reuben were particularly pleased about, then travelled to visit my cousins for a couple of days.  We took a couple of our daughter's gifts with us, yet to be unwrapped, along with all the gifts for my cousins.

On Christmas evening we gathered around their tree and exchanged presents.  When my cousin gave me a funny shaped box and I unwrapped it I started to laugh because inside was a doll sized rocking chair (newly made) which she had bought from a craft fair (she is a lovely cousin, she gave me some gorgeous fabric too, she knows me well).  I was delighted but chuckled because my daughters hadn't yet opened their final gifts.  A short while later I gave them their gifts and my younger daughter was stunned and then laughed out loud to see that both she and her mummy had received doll sized rocking chairs for Christmas!

Our Sasha family had all come with us (well, compared to some people I know we don't have a large collection of Sasha and Gregor dolls, we have 7, we could bring them all in one bag) so Laura took possession of my daughter's chair and Reuben sat in my chair.  Several days after we came home I finally took photos of the dolls and chairs, though it has been so rainy this holiday the light hasn't been good for photos.  So I will take some better ones with a proper scene when the weather improves.  My daughter wants to make a cushion for her chair.  All for a future post, but in the meantime enjoy these photos.
Miranda and baby Leo
(I love this one of Miranda even though she didn't brush her hair!)
Miranda and baby Leo in my rocking chair
Laura and baby Mabel in my daughter's rocking chair
(Laura wearing her gorgeous American cow girl outfit)
Nicholas James and Reuben with their new Radio Flyer scooter
Florence in her lovely Christmas dress from 2011