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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sasha Santa secret swap

I'm participating in my first online organised swap - the wish upon a star' Sasha Santa Secret Swap being organised by Lorraine who has a blog at 'Sewing & Knitting for Sasha'.  I cannot of course reveal who I'm sending 3 Sasha related Christmas gifts to, but I have been knitting busily in the evenings during the last week or so ever since I received the email asking Santa for some gifts.
Wish upon a star swap

Some of my inspiration has come from the glorious colour combinations and patterning on Sasha Doll Style as well as from the wool in my collection.  Nicolas James has been modelling the results so far (and is very envious of the doll for whom the items are intended).  I've got one more item to make (we were asked to choose 3 from a wish list of 5 items).  But as the third item is likely to be sewn rather than knitted, and I can't start sewing until the weekend at the earliest, I've started knitting a sweater for Matilda the Aussie girl who sadly doesn't have many winter clothes of her own since she came to these colder shores almost 2 years ago!  Belle will get a sweater too for Christmas, in fact I'm planning that my daughters dolls will each get a little parcel from the Christmas tree which will contain new clothing made by me.  So whenever I can spare the time(!) in the evenings until Christmas I shall be busy with the pleasurable fun of making doll things.