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Friday, 18 June 2010

Camera tripod, and welcome

I like Amazon wishlists, they make it possible for me to let my hubby know what I want for my birthday without me having to write a paper list, it also means he can read the same reviews I've read about things, so can understand why I've picked a particular item.  It was my birthday recently, and he gave me a pan and tilt tripod for my camera.  What is more, he was delighted to get it as it is just the kind of techie present that appeals to him (as soon as I took it out of the bag, he was helping me set it up).  Last year I treated myself to a good camera but I've found that even with the best effort I can't stand still enough to shoot decent video with it for any length of time, and setting up shots of dolls has been difficult as they sometimes do not always come out the way I want them to because I've held the camera in my hands, so I've been hankering after a pan and tilt tripod for several months.

I was able to take a photo of my birthday cake (decorated by my little girl and made by her godmother) with the family all posed around it (using the timer on the camera), and am hoping to start taking some new photos of my miniatures soon.  However June and early July is a very busy month in this family, it is the birthday season for several of us, my elder girl is off for her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition, we've been involved in loads of concerts recently with more to come, the weather has been reasonable for an English June (glorious yesterday) so it is hard to stay indoors doing miniatures or dolls when the garden calls and there are countless other activities taking my attention.  I've not had any time at all for sewing since I made dresses for my daughters at the end of May (and we have been on holiday for half term).

Welcome to Minnie Kitchen who has decided to follow my blog.  You don't appear to have a blog, but you do have a very delicious picture next to your name.  I hope you enjoy my doll blog.