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Monday, 20 February 2012

Finn's outfit complete

I did a bit more knitting after Christmas for the Sasha Christmas swap.  This is because I ran out of time before posting date and Finn had asked for socks so I decided to knit a pair to match his boggin and sweater.  It ended up being 2 pairs of socks because the wool I used for the clothes was aran weight which is really very thick for Sasha dolls - I got away with it for the boggin and sweater but restarted the matching patterned socks to get them to shape correctly because of the yarn weight, and even then they weren't perfect.  And I ran out of the light grey, so made them into ankle socks, they are more like slipper shoes than socks.  So I knitted another pair in the light blue which was double knit weight, so slightly thinner, which matches Finn's lovely eyes and sent both pairs.

Ginger and Finn were very pleased and here are some photos Ginger sent me.

Finn with the card I sent him
Look Ginger, she sent me some socks!
Warm patterned socks, very thick
look, the blue ones match my boggin pom pom
Finn's dog Fetch thinks the new clothes are cuddly too
showing off the underpants
Waving across the pond to the UK - thanks DollMum
It was a pleasure Finn - I enjoyed knitting for you