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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Egg hunt

Laura has been shopping for eggs and has set out an Easter egg hunt in the garden for the others.

Her trolley is now empty as she checks the locations of all the hidden eggs
"Happy Easter everyone! We are having an Easter Egg hunt. Please be friendly, no pushing or shoving."
Florence is the first to find a pretty basket decorated with butterflies.
She sees there are several eggs in this basket
Melanie finds a bunny slipper full of eggs in the flowery undergrowth.
Isabel brings her shopping trolley along as she looks for eggs
"What's that" she thinks as she sees something peeping out from the flowers
Isabel has found an Easter chick!
"I can't wait to eat this later."
Edmund sees a pair of bunny ears poking out of the flowers and runs towards them
He wobbles and nearly falls over as he climbs towards the bunny ears
Trying to keep his balance Edmund approaches the bunny basket
But falls on his tummy just as he gets to them and admires the large collection of eggs in the basket.
Nicholas James, Reuben and Trendon Elliott find a treasure chest...
... filled with eggs!
Timothy and Miranda go looking through the flowers together
They find a bunny slipper filled with eggs
Everyone loads their eggs into the wagon and make their way to the picnic rug
Edmund, Florence and Isabel admire their eggs and chick
Miranda has one bunny slipper of eggs
while Melanie has the other bunny slipper
Laura and Clemence have no eggs and relax as they watch the others with their eggs
The bigger boys gather around the treasure chest of eggs
Edmund is delighted with his large basket of eggs
What is the difference between this basket of eggs and a few minutes earlier?
Edmund's basket of eggs doesn't seem so full...
Edmund looks in his basket of colourful eggs, which seems a little emptier than before
Edmund looks at the girls - his basket only has a few eggs now
Edmund holds a green egg
Clemence comes to look in Edmund's egg basket
Clemence looks at Edmund enquiringly... there is no chocolate around Edmund's mouth
Reuben and Nicholas James have LOTS of colourful eggs ...
The big boys have plenty of colourful eggs while the treasure chest of light coloured eggs is still full!
Edmund and Clemence firmly hold onto the remaining eggs.  What naughty big boys!
Meanwhile Isabel is enjoying licking the top of the chocolate chick filled with smarties.
Florence sorts through her basket of eggs and chooses which ones to eat first
Miranda peers into her bunny slipper of eggs, she doesn't think she needs to share them with Timothy who has PLENTY of eggs now.
Laura has some eggs which Florence has kindly given her from the pretty basket
Happy Easter everyone - we hope you had a lovely day.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Baby and toddler spring playtime

The following photo story is by DollMum's daughter and took place one sunny spring afternoon in March:

Daisy and Mabel are having fun sitting on the playmat
while Leo is playing with animals on the cart
Not knowing what to do Edmund picks up the cart handle and begins to tug at it
Feeling worried, Miranda rushes towards Edmund
"You can't do that, it will hurt Leo" cried Miranda
Edmund hesitates...
... looks at the cart, sees Leo playing ...
and goes to play with Leo and the animals
"Hello Leo, may I play too?" says Edmund
Leo nods and gestures towards the animals
"Where are the animals going?" asks Edmund as he starts rearranging them
Edmund picks them up as Leo offers him a tiger
Meanwhile Florence hovers by the rocking horse as she watches the babies play
Amy shows Nina her rattle
Nina gets fed up with the rattle and crawls over to the rocking horse
Leaving Amy all on her own
Florence helps Nina onto the rocking horse
Amy watches from afar as Nina climbs onto the horse
Nina waves at Amy
"Hew Haw" babbles Nina
Mabel, now lying on her back, plays with the hanging toys
Not knowing what else to do, Amy joins Daisy and Mabel at the playmat
and casts a shadow over Mabel
Daisy, Mabel and Amy play together and babble away
After a lot of babbling Mabel gets tired and crawls into the cot
She falls asleep as Miranda and Florence take the babies and Edmund indoors
Sometime later Mabel wakes up and finds she is all alone
She is so pleased when Miranda comes over
"Don't worry" says Miranda "I will never leave you" as she gives Mabel a big cuddle
Mabel likes hugs
This photo story was put together in haste last weekend and there has been no time to edit or caption the photos during the week. It was instigated by my daughter who suddenly decided she wanted to do a doll story with the babies, so changed them out of their Christmas dresses(!) and into lighter clothes.  Daisy wears a dress and shoes bought at the Chat 'n Snap in October.