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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tidying up

Today I helped my elder daughter clean and tidy her bedroom.  Why?  Why couldn't she do it herself?  Because teens always seem hopelessly lost in their own mess and this one did have good reasons - we've recently had the house rewired, so all rooms are covered in dust, we hadn't unpacked all the boxes in her room because it would have made the job even harder for the electricians and we needed a clothing storage solution for her (no wardrobe or chest of drawers, as our old house had built in).  So I've bought her a cheap temporary clothing storage solution until we can put new flooring down and build in proper wardrobe, then we cleaned the room. 

This meant moving her dollshouse (Mrs Harvey's shop) but at least it also meant being able to plug in the dollshouse afterwards, as the electricians have fitted a socket in the right place for the dollshouse.  So we're one step closer to her being able to get Mrs Harvey's things out of the storage box again which is exciting, and by the end of the day my red haired teen was admitting that she was pleased that her room is at last starting to look like it should.

With all the work we're doing to the full size house (we're doing the kitchen up too, so are cooking, eating and washing up in the garden - thank goodness for the wonderful hot April this year), I keep looking forward to my next miniature goal - I'm planning to start sewing again in June and this will include encouraging my teen to finish the sewing of Mrs Harvey's curtains (half done).