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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Treasure box from Canada

A box arrived (by hot air balloon?) and four very excited Heather Maciak dolls rushed downstairs to unpack it.

"Look, it is from Heather in Canada"

Emily, Lexie, Jenny and Annie looked in anticipation at the box all the way from Vancouver.

"It came quickly via airmail" said Annie to Jenny before the box was opened.

"My Elfin Jenny outfit!" said a delighted Jenny as she admired the lime green shoes, the bright floral felt tunic and the glorious cheerful stripes. 

"And your Playtime outfit" said Lexie, before discovering that Heather had sent a Playtime Lexie outfit as well, to match the one she was wearing, so the girls could dress alike.

"Your Playtime outfit is so pretty Jenny" said Lexie.
"Thank you Heather" exclaimed Lexie

Jenny smiled her thanks to Heather, she was overwhelmed to have her Elfin outfit once more (her original outfit did not come with her box when she joined our doll family, she was wearing the Playtime Lexie outfit instead).

Annie looked on hopefully, she wondered what else was in the box.

"Try on your Elfin outfit Jenny" suggested Emily

Jenny happily showed off her Elfin Jenny outfit

Lexie delved into the box to discover ...

... two pairs of lovely shoes to go with the Playtime outfits!

But there were more surprises for the girls was in the bottom of the box - two pairs of Boneka ice skates, one pair of pink skates and two pairs of blades to add to Boneka boots they've already got, plus three pairs of white tights for skating parties.

So Emily and Annie would be able to skate as well. All four girls are clamouring for ice skating outfits - I shall be busy.

Thank you so much Heather, your parcel gave much joy today.