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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Doll Olympic spirit

Yesterday afternoon the dolls all changed outfits to get into the Olympic spirit.  We had clothes all over the double bed, ironed a few things and brushed hair. I had ordered some union flag fabric for sewing which arrived a few days ago, but haven't had any time to do sewing during the week, so the material became useful background for the dolls who all came downstairs to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony. 

All the dolls dressed for the London 2012 Olympics

Central over the fireplace is the home made union flag my elder daughter made for the Queen's Jubilee and just below that is the commemorative coin my younger girl received from her school.

back row l-r: Elizabeth, Diana, Anna, Susie, Miranda, Peter
front row l-r: baby Mabel, Matroushka, Amelia, Jakob, Nicholas James and Florence
Florence and Nicholas James are wearing their Sasha Doll Festival Souvenir outfits (well NJ had never really changed out of his since the festival) and the other two pairs of festival trainers I'd got from Dawn Law found their way onto the feet of Miranda, who wears one of her raffle outfits and Jakob my Kids 'N Kats doll, who is all ready for sport in his boxer shorts and running top. My Susie wears the blue corduroy set which was the gift my younger daughter received for helping at the Sasha Festival Auction.  Anna wears her silver and red party outfit and a white cardigan I knitted for her.  Elizabeth wears clothes slightly to big for her, a spotty skirt which belongs to Anna and a white top, and Diana, the unmarked Palitoy doll who is my Susie's younger sister (I had bought her in my quest to identify Susie) wears the red and white running top and tracksuit bottoms which are a bit too big for her. Peter chose his check red shirt and jeans.

l-r: Belle, Jayne, Matilda, Harriet, Harry, Ron, Samantha, Hermoine,
Elizabeth, baby Mabel, Matroushka, Diana, Anna, Amelia
Harriet and Samantha wanted to rock it up for the Opening ceremony, so changed into their Rockstar outfits.  The Aussie girls made different choices, Belle went for a sundress and Matilda for her blue dungarees. Jayne got changed from her pink skating outfit into a red top and white crop trousers and wears her hair in pigtails.

Rocking it up for the Olympics
Matroushka  wears the other blue party dress and cradles baby Mabel who wears a blue and white check dress which is actually a bit too big for her, because it was made a long time ago for Amelia, who wears a red and blue and white check dress. 

Matroushka cuddles baby Mabel with Amelia nearby

Hermoine wears one of the blue party dresses and her Christmas white shoes, Harry and Ron didn't change much - Harry took off his green sweater to show his stripy rugby shirt and Ron put on his sweater, none of the other red clothes we had would fit him as he has big hands and is the tallest of the dolls. 

Rocking it up for the Olympics
And what an awesome spectacle the opening ceremony turned out to be.  My younger daughter slept during the afternoon so she could stay up and watch the whole thing with the rest of us and we all enjoyed it.  And this afternoon Diana doll is already practicing her backflips while the others look on, maybe she is hoping to win a medal.
Many of the gang ready for the Olympics

The Great Britain team coming into the stadium
The awesome copper petals of the Olympic cauldron -
what an imaginative way to do the flame

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Thank you Hattie

After the Sasha Festival I received a lovely message from Dee, mum to the incorrigible Hattie and friends at Sasha Village blog.  I had received one of Dee's hats on the Friday night at dinner time, and Florence had claimed it as her own.  Dee had one hat left over and wanted to give it to my girl and Miranda, but didn't manage to do it at the festival.

Today a parcel arrived addressed to my younger daughter from Hattie (and Dee). 

The letter from Hattie
Miranda is delighted with her new hat from Hattie and it matches the dress I made for the Friday night dinner perfectly.  So after choir practice tonight (both my girls sing), we had a little photo session - Florence changed back into her dress from the variety of dresses she has been trying on in the past few days and was given the new purple shoes I had bought at the festival from Gayle's stand (we got Florence's lovely red boots from her too).  So here are some photos:

Miranda in her dress with the hat from Hattie and new shoes
with the addition of the lacy cardigan I knitted
Cuddle before bedtime
Fun before bedtime
Bed time story (the book is a bit young for both of them)
Now Miranda is trying to decide what Hattie would like, so I've been looking at photos of Helena Bonham Carter for some ideas...