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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 8

It is a month already since the Sasha Celebration weekend and I still have a post about it.  We were immensely fortunate that weekend as my daughter was given several winning raffle tickets by kind, generous people who had already won prizes and liked to spoil the only child at the event.  On the last day of May she dressed the girls in some of the lovely outfits she was given and I did a quick photo shoot in the back garden on a very windy late afternoon.  The following photos are not all the outfits she received (some of those have actually appeared in previous posts about the weekend) and hopefully we'll get more photos done soon (this weekend has been a dull rainy washout so far for photos and last weekend when the weather was glorious we were just too busy with other events to find the time for photographing the dolls).

Miranda wears a very pretty lilac floral dress, matching underwear and hair ribbon (donated by Trish Smith), she is also wearing the hair clips from the gift bag Janet gave everyone at the Sasha Celebration.  The sandals by Ruth Hartley I bought last year.
Laura wears a smocked Frilly Lilly dress which my daughter chose when Kendal gave her a winning ticket.  She is wearing the other set of hair clips from the second gift bag.
Florence wears a beautifully made dress, pantaloon and double hair band set by Petrana - my daughter chose this when Kendal's ticket was called and Kendal asked her to help choose then promptly gave her the prize which my girl was not expecting. 
Miranda and Laura wear a pair of trouser sets, one of which my daughter got from the raffle and the other which she was given afterwards (one of these was donated by Trish Smith).  Miranda's set is is a 3 piece beret, long sleeve blouse and trousers, Laura's set is a 4 piece beret, short sleeved top, cardigan (with hearts knitted on either side) and trousers.
Florence wears a party dress (my girl calls it a Christmas dress) and golden bow on a hair clip which apparently was one of the dresses donated by Trish Smith
Apparently today (13th June) is World Doll Day, so these photos are our way of marking the day.