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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Laura visits Sasha Village

Last year Dee of Sasha Village ran a mini competition for her followers to volunteer one of their dolls to visit the Village and take part in solving a mystery.  Laura volunteered to go and was amazed to win, along with Kristie from the USA.

Arrangements were made and soon after I had finished making Laura a new classic yoke dress of Liberty fabric, she took her rucksack (containing waterbottle, apple, notepad and pencil), her pet owl and a chocolate gift for the Villagers and set off on her adventure.

Laura and owl all ready for visiting Hattie and co 
The note my younger daughter wrote to the Sasha Village clan
She featured in no less than 8 posts on Dee's blog:

On Thursday she travelled home and arrived safely on Friday much to my younger daughter's relief, who had missed her and keenly asked every day if there was a new post for her to read with her breakfast.  None of the others had the heart to play or go outside while Laura was away so they had big plans for her return.

She brought some very generous gifts home with her from Hattie, Dee and all the others in the Sasha Village.

Today our Sasha's held a tea party to celebrate Laura's return.  The weather wasn't kind enough for this to take place outside (sunshine and showers), so they used our dining room table and sat picnic style to enjoy the feast, when they were joined by a new member of the family:

Laura's owl perched on her head, in the hope of cake crumbs
Miranda was determined to dress for spring
A little fuzzy creature arrived...
... and peered longingly at the tea and cakes
he sidled onto the table and smiled at everyone
before making his way to Laura and her cup of tea
which he tried to pick up
Florence almost forgot her own tea in her surprise at the new bear
Laura introduced him to everyone
"This is Clemence, he came with me from the Sasha Village
and is going to live with us"
Reuben regarded the new bear with interest
while Leo and Mabel leaned forward as they held their bears and the
owl came down for a closer look as his travelling companion
Clemence snuggled up to Laura while the owl looked on 
Everyone welcomed Clemence and Laura and Owl's return with tea and cakes
My girl was thrilled with her new bear, who is a OOAK Bramber Bear, he has already proved a reliable mascot at a local quiz night on Saturday (my younger girl's team did quite well).  In addition to this lovely gift Dee also sent a fold out paper sheep (which made us watch Shaun the Sheep on Friday evening) and a bunny tin filled with chocolate eggs for Easter.  Thank you Dee for such generous gifts and for inviting Laura to participate in adventures at the Sasha Village.

The following photos show what my younger girl did with Laura, her owl and her new bear on Friday evening at bedtime.
Laura and Clemence bear (in a glove)
Laura's owl snuggles in to Reuben's pyjamas
Clemence in the glove
On Saturday morning Clemence wanted to see what Laura had been doing at the Sasha Village so my younger girl re-read about Mr Mossy's safe return after Laura and Kristie went on a bear hunt.
Clemence reads about his cousin Mr Mossy and honey toast
Some of these photos are not great, taking photos on the dining room table with sunshine from the garden back-lighting the dolls wasn't easy, however at least we had sunshine!