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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympic Garden Volleyball

Ever since we went to see Olympic Volleyball on 31st July, Nicholas James (my sporty Gregor) has been clamouring for a volleyball game.  So yesterday the girls and I obliged.  We didn't have enough sports wear for 2 teams of 6 for the team volleyball we had seen, so went for 2 teams of 2, more like beach volleyball, but played on grass.  So it was Florence and Jakob playing Nicholas James and Miranda, with a great supportive crowd.

girls helping the dolls get ready for volleyball
Jakob does the first serve
while Florence gets ready to receive the ball back over the net
The Aussie girls sit on deck chairs with a tea party to watch
Miranda all ready to hit the ball
Jakob serves again
Nicholas James has a chance to serve
Florence serves
Miranda and Nicholas James do a great block near the net
Harriet, Peter and Samantha provide music to get the crowd in the mood
Volleyball spectators
Volleyball game in full swing
Nicholas James serves...
the ball comes flying over the net
Jakob hits it back again
the ball flies over the net again
Miranda gets ready to hit it back
and it goes back to the other side
In the end Jakob and Florence narrowly won the game,
so they got the medals but Miranda and Nicholas James got the cakes!
The crowd cheers the great Olympic Volleyball players on a bright summer's day!

Knitted Olympics

Just spotted these photos on the BBC website - an Olympic park populated by all her daughter's knitted sports figures. 

Our doll family has been busy doing Olympic activities - I'll post the photos on the last day of the Olympics.