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Friday, 9 June 2017

Introducing Betsy

In August 2015 I bought my Schoenhut doll, a 16 inch high Miss Dolly called Betsy.  She came from my friend Lorraine on the day we set up the Sasha doll gymkhana.  She had no clothes and a light two tone, very old wig, I am not sure if it was original or not.  I decided to keep the name which Lorraine had given her, as it suits her.

Betsy wearing her old wig and a Sasha dress which has become hers
I had bought a wig for another doll which didn't fit that doll's head but it did fit Betsy, so I carefully removed the old wig and put the new brown plaited wig on Betsy's head.  I found a Sasha dress for her and borrowed a pair of Sasha baby shoes from Mabel, they've now become Betsy's shoes (Mabel doesn't mind).

Betsy's face paint was a little chipped, Lorraine checked with other Schoenhut owners what paint they would use and acrylic paint seemed to be the answer, so I got out the paints and carefully touched up her face a little.

Betsy wearing her new wig, dress and shoes soon after she arrived

Close up of Betsy's face before I touched up her face with acrylics
Since then Betsy has participated a little in some of our doll scenes but I've not formally introduced her until now.  She sits in a low rocking chair with a few of my non Sasha dolls on the top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom.

Betsy in her rocking chair

Betsy in her rocking chair with her touched up face paint

Inside Betsy's old wig

Betsy's old wig
L-R: Palitoy doll, Jakob (Kids 'n Kats), Anna (Gotz), Susie (Palitoy Petalskin), Amelia Anne and Betsy

Jakob, Anna and Susie

L-R: Palitoy doll, Jakob (Kids 'n Kats), Anna (Gotz), Susie (Palitoy Petalskin), Amelia Anne, Betsy and Penny (First Love)