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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hello Kit

On a cosy winter day Lady Crazie found the perfect perch on Laura's shoulder as she read to her new little friend Kit.  They found a book in the bookcase about spinning tops (which came with its very own top) and were learning about some of the tricks and techniques of spinning tops.

Laura, Lady Crazie and Kit read about tops
Laura turned the page
Lady Crazie, Laura and Kit look at a picture of lots of different tops
Lady Crazie and Laura
Lady Crazie, Laura and Kit
The bookcase, with another spinning top,
a mini cooper and the little music box from Waldkirch
If you are wondering about Kit and when she arrived, well a certain little girl had her birthday in February and Kit with her mini book was one of the gifts she received.  Kit was one of 3 mini American Girl dolls I bought during my wonderful trip to the AG doll shop with Norvell in Washington DC last November.  Some of the things I bought were Christmas gifts (and I haven't blogged about them all yet) and some were birthday gifts for my younger daughter.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Welsh doll

At Trefoil Guild this week one of the group gave us a Welsh night, to celebrate St David's day.  The first activity (apart from learning a few Welsh words) was to make a Welsh peg doll.  Our friend had carefully prepared all the parts along with a sheet of instructions so all we had to do was glue everything together in the correct order.

We used UHU glue, which wasn't really the right stuff for this project (a white multi purpose craft glue would have better) however even though we all got a bit sticky, everyone managed to create their Welsh doll successfully.

I didn't manage to get everyone to do a group photo of their dolls, I took lots of individual photos and below are some of the dolls.

Mine had a red and white check skirt.  Some had black and white check skirts instead. The hats were pre-made with the lace glued in place (this was to save us time).  The hair was short pieces of wool, ready cut, the arms are pipe cleaners (some of us had brown, some white or black).  The feet were made of a lump of clay which had been cut, dried and painted in advance, the bottom of the peg legs glued into the holes in the top of the lump.  It was a good idea, as it had weight and helped the doll stand upright.

My Welsh peg doll
Another doll with the red and white skirt - I like her eyebrows
This girl likes her skirt a bit shorter
A Welsh doll with the black and white skirt
This Welsh doll looks quite elegant
This was a fun short project, easy to assemble in about 20 minutes and quite appropriate for the week of the Japanese Doll Festival and just after a Welsh Patron Saint.