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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

The Advent period leading up to Christmas is always busy in our home.  I have been doing some sewing and knitting for various dolls (more to be revealed in future posts) however apart from that there has been very little time for doll play, especially with various concerts we have been involved in as well as work and school. 

On 23rd December my younger girl and I were able to spend some lovely relaxing fun time changing outfits and rearranging the Sasha doll shelf to accommodate the Christmas tree which Emma F had kindly given us when she and her daughter stayed with us the weekend of the Chat 'n Snap in October.  With some new additions to our Sasha family this year (Theo, Louisa and Davy) there was a bit of shuffling and swapping of Christmas outfits amongst the dolls and one new outfit made.

Nicholas James wore his Noel sweater and Florence wore her white dress from the first Sasha Secret Santa Christmas swap Lorraine organised in 2011. Trendon Elliot and Reuben elected to wear the 'Hug me its Christmas' and 'Merry Christmas tshirts' which Dorisanne sent us in the 2012 Secret Santa swap.  Timothy was pleased to have the Dollydoodles Rudolf sweatshirt while Miranda changed into her blue and green Christmas trees dress I had made for her a few years ago.  Melanie wore a burgundy and gold party dress we got at a Sasha Celebration weekend and Laura changed back into the blue velvet outfit I made for her Christmas arrival in 2012 (when my daughter wore the identical dress, now well and truly outgrown).

Babies Nina, Amy and Daisy wore the Christmas dresses they received in the 2016 Secret Santa swap, while Mabel and Theo wore outfits I had made some years ago.  Leo wanted to wear the snowman outfit and our most recent baby, curly headed Davy, wanted to be Rudolf the reindeer.  Edmund decided to be very smart - he wore his white shirt with a red bow tie. 

But we didn't have a Christmas outfit for Louisa, except for the new Nordic themed tights I had bought for her at the Chat 'n Snap.  So I set to work making an outfit to complement her new tights.

I decided to make up the Sasha Sundress with brettels from the Sewing for Sasha dolls book in toddler size for Louisa, I used the skirt pattern from the pattern which we received at the Sasha Festival 2017 however I didn't use the top pattern as I wanted to use the bodice and brettels pattern instead, which I resized.  I found small amounts of fabric which work well together and used dark green ribbon, embroidery cotton in 4 colours (2 shades of green) and a heart shaped button to finish off the outfit decoration.  The two toddlers have one thing in common in their outfits - I used the same decorated hair ribbon for Louisa as a cumberband for Edmund, which makes Edmund look very smart and Christmassy at the same time.

Below are our Sasha family of 17 in their Christmas outfits, wishing you a very Merry Christmas 2017.  The toys in the photos are either ones we've been given or ones I have made (the sailing boat, model trains, wooden horse, aeroplane, push along duck and marionette).

Merry Christmas 2017 from our Sasha family

l-r: Nina, Mabel, Amy, Davy, Theo

l-r: Davy, Theo, Leo, Daisy with Edmund and Louisa in the background

back row l-r: Reuben, Melanie, Florence and Miranda

back row l-r: Timothy, Laura, Trendon Elliot, Nicholas James, Reuben

What is going on here?  It looks like Lady Crazie (the green budgie), who quietly spends most of her days on top of my elder daughter's dolls house (Mrs Harvey's shop), decided to join the Sasha family.  Lady Crazie flew all the way from Germany in time for Christmas 2014.

Miranda with the marionette and Lady Crazie

Lady Crazie

But that is not all - it looks like the kitchen has been taken over not by busy cooks preparing for Christmas dinner but by a mixed bunch of reindeer and snowmen with their Christmas teddy friend sitting on the pram!

Reindeer, snowmen and bear invasion in the Sasha kitchen

Dorisanne's Keuka College banner above the reindeer, snowmen and bear invaded kitchen

Edmund, Lady Crazie and Louisa got together to show off how smart they look in their Christmas clothes.

Edmund, Lady Crazie, Louisa

Nicholas James, Louisa, Reuben

Louisa in her Christmas outfit

Edmund and Louisa with the tree (with Nicholas James and Reuben)
Merry Christmas everyone!