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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Guernsey holiday for Mabel

After the Olympics we went to Guernsey for a week to visit my Godparents.  I've been there many times since I was nine and absolutely love the island.  My younger daughter surprised me by deciding that baby Mabel had to be the doll to accompany us and this meant taking her basket carry cot and her small collection of clothes as well.  She travelled in my daughter's Olympic drawstring bag hand luggage (there is no way I would have allowed her in the aeroplane hold) along with the cloth pony and a bear my girl dressed in a home made Brownie outfit last year when Brownies had an outing to the Build a Bear shop (each child got the basic bear, we only had to pay £6 and during their subsequent Brownie meetings they made a Brownie outfit out of yellow and brown felt rather than buying clothes).

Mabel and the soft toys spent most of their holiday upstairs in the bedroom during the week, however one afternoon Mabel came out to the garden and posed with my Godmother's plants.
Mabel and her teddy in Guernsey

I must admit that if we had taken one of the other dolls it is likely he or she would have come on a cliff walk with us, or visited Sark (where we saw Carl Hester's Golden postbox).  Mabel is not quite so active though and nor did she have suitable clothes for such outings.  Of course my small Maciak and Plusczok dolls would have loved the Guernsey holiday and were small enough to pack, but we had to travel light (15kg luggage limit).