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Monday, 18 January 2016

Adopt a polar bear in the snow

A lonely polar bear was trekking across the snowy wastes...

He was hungry, however his black skin under his thick white fur kept him warm.
His big paws stopped him from sinking into the snow
Three children out for a walk in the snow spotted him
One very intrepid toddler showed no fear as he ventured across the snow towards the polar bear (maybe his panda bear hat made him brave)
His brother and sister decided to follow to be on hand if the bear did anything to scare their little brother
The bear saw the children and turned towards them
he picked his way across the snow to the children
Bear and children were fascinated with each other
with their adopted Polar Bear
My younger daughter's godparents gave her an adopted Polar Bear from World Wide Fund for Nature as a Christmas gift.  There is an information booklet and a cuddly toy to go with the certificate about a bear.  She has been learning lots of interesting facts about Polar bears and this toy has become a favourite.

The overnight snow on Saturday/Sunday was enough to prompt a photo story. Taking photos of dolls and cuddly toys in the snow is always a challenge because tracks show up and sometimes they fall over.  They all got a little surface damp on their clothes so warmed up indoors again afterwards.  Nicholas James is very attached to his polar bear sweater by Halyna, Laura wore an outfit by Dee (with boots from Rosie S) and Edmund was well wrapped in his Dollydoodles outfit and panda hat.  The Polar bear said he was quite warm enough thank you with his own coat of thick fur!