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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Betsy's New Year's Eve party

Betsy (my only Schoenhut doll) decided to send 2020 out the door with a party to cheer everyone up. 

She invited her Sasha and Gregor friends and prepared the food. Everyone dressed up for the party. Betsy provided some games to keep her younger friends occupied.

Betsy dressed in tartan for New Year's Eve

Betsy with her party food

"Welcome to my party, get yourselves a drink, play games"

Reuben, Florence and Melanie found the drinks table 

There was a choice of orange juice or water in a jug

The games corner was busy

Miranda was playing a game with Louisa, with Clemence bear nearby

Nicholas James and Timothy were explaining to Edmund how to spin tops

Trendon Elliott and Laura were eyeing the cakes, sandwiches and other food

Reuben didn't want to be the first person to take food from the table

Betsy wanted everyone to have a good time

There was plenty of food

"Help yourself" said Betsy to Reuben

Betsy encouraged Reuben and Trendon Elliott to make a start on the food and went to talk to Laura, Florence and Melanie

"Have a sandwich" said Betsy to the girls

Trendon Elliott, Reuben, Laura, Melanie and Florence started tucking into the party food

"Sandwiches anyone?" Betsy asked Miranda and Louisa

At the word "Cake" the games players forgot to play and looked eagerly at Betsy with her plate

Edmund was keen have a choc chip muffin. "Thank you Betsy for a lovely party" he said.

2020 has been a difficult and different year for many of us as we cope with the ongoing global pandemic. I haven't had much time for the dolls because of my full-time job (working at home) and studying, so Lorraine's prompt in the Schoenhut doll group to post something for a New Year's Eve party was the spur and our last chance to do something doll related in 2020. It also gave me one of the first opportunities to use our new pan and tilt camera head on a new tripod which we bought as an early all family Christmas gift for ourselves (we needed to use it before Christmas for recording our street organ for some YouTube videos). It now means it is much easier to switch from landscape to portrait photos in doll photo shoots.

We hope you all have a healthy and happy 2021. 

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Serenata said...

Betsy was the perfect host for a very wonderful New Year's Eve party. They all looked like they enjoyed themselves immensely and I am so glad that you got to enjoy some real 'doll' time. It looks like it was a lot of fun.