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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Advent Calendar Day 3

The pocket for Day 3 of my elder daughter's Advent Calendar featured a gingerbread couple so I took inspiration from the pocket decoration and made a pair of felt gingerbread people for her tree. These were made using the stitch around the pattern method - placing the template on the doubled over felt, stitching around the edges of the template using a sewing machine, removing the template, trimming to near the stitching then stuffing them and closing the stuffing hole. I used embroidery thread, ribbon and beads for their features.

Day 3 pocket

Felt gingerbread man and woman

closeup of the felt gingerbread man and woman

Despite having ginger/auburn hair, she isn't actually that fond of gingerbread, however she was delighted with this pair of gingerbread characters for her Christmas tree.

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