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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Advent Calendar Day 2

The pocket for Day 2 of my elder daughter's Advent Calendar contains some Christmas decorations from our family Christmas tree. These were made by her little sister when she was at primary school. We have kept a set of these felt decorations (she had made lots to sell for a charity, which she did very successfully at a church event but we still had some duplicates left over).

Day 2 pocket

Front of the felt star

Back of the felt star

Front of the felt snowman

Back of the felt snowman

Front of the felt heart (yes, it lost some stars over the years)

Back of the felt heart

Front of the felt Christmas tree

Back of the felt Christmas tree

Front of the felt angel

Back of the felt angel

When she opened the parcel, my elder daughter laughed to see the felt decorations she remembered from our tree and recalled that she had helped make some of them.

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