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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

An unexpected arrival and a birthday or two

30 November is Sasha Morgenthaler's birthday so what better way to celebrate than to tell the story of an unexpected November arrival, using the red haired members of our Sasha family, especially as the author of another famous (fictional) red head was also born on 30 November - Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables).

Edmund, Amy and Laura gathered to wish Happy Birthday to Sasha
They were distracted by someone approaching
"Hello" said Laura, "what is your name?"
"I am Timothy" said the boy shyly as Edmund shook his hand and Amy reached up to him
"Welcome home Timothy" cried Laura as Amy and Edmund cuddled the new boy 
Amy would not let go of her new blue eyed red haired brother
"Happy Birthday Sasha" called Timothy, Amy, Edmund and Laura
Timothy was an unexpected and very lucky arrival.  He has actually been with us since early November but took his time telling us his name (he seemed to smile once we worked it out).  I was walking through a vintage and craft market in our local shopping centre one Saturday morning and chanced to walk towards a stall filled with an assortment of items.  I was attracted to it because dotted around the stall were several dolls but the one who caught my attention and held it firmly was a red haired Gregor in his full original outfit.  He was standing between two other dolls on a wooden upholstered small chair.  I lifted him up, looked at his label which said he was a Sasha doll and gave the price, inspected him and immediately asked if they could hold him for me while I went to the cash machine as they did not take card payments. Barely 5 minutes later I was back with the cash.  It was only then that I discovered the stall was Oxfam, carrying items from 3 local Oxfam shops and their warehouse.  He was sensibly priced and I could not have left him there as we've been looking out for a red haired boy for several months, ever since baby Amy arrived last Christmas.

It was lovely going to pick my younger daughter up from her music group a few minutes later with him sitting on the front seat of the car - seeing her reaction to this totally unexpected arrival was a treat.  My elder daughter, when meeting him on a quick visit home last weekend, was also very pleased that he had joined our doll family, especially because of his hair colour.

His arrival photo shows him just after I had washed his hair, which was dusty and slightly tousled but turned out to be as perfect as the day he left the factory.  He has his complete original blue cord outfit, the elastic in his white shoes is stretched with age but everything else about his outfit is perfect, just slightly dusty (I haven't washed it).  I gave him the long sleeved striped t-shirt I had bought from Ginny of A Passion for Sasha at the Chat 'n Snap a couple of weeks earlier and yesterday bought him the miniature teddy bear at a lunchtime craft market to match his hair and because he seems a shy boy in need of a comforting toy friend.
Timothy, red haired blue Cord boy when he arrived at his new home
All Sasha collectors dream about finding a doll in a charity/thrift shop and I am very lucky that I found a near minty Gregor in this way.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chat n Snap 2016 - part 3

In addition to the Guiding and Scouting Jamboree and the tables of visiting dolls, another big feature of the Chat 'n Snap is the sales stands with an amazing array of Sasha goodies available to buy. 
Early in the sales my girl bought some purple baby shoes from Gayle to go with a smocked outfit we had just bought from Marilyn
Ginny had some amazing mix and match choices, we bought two long sleeved t-shirts
A general view of the sales stands looking towards the Jamboree display, this was later in the afternoon when sales were quieter so Iris had time for the crossword!
Judith's Dollydoodles stand, we bought a baby outfit for Daisy and a lilac body-warmer for one of the girls
Gayle's and Dawn's sales tables
Joanne was doing crochet while my girl was finishing her lunch and starting to contemplate working on her cross stitch again
The Raffles!  The Chat 'n Snap would not be the same without raffles and there were two - the main one was the blond Trendon with Shelly painted eyes and a whole basket of clothes and accessories.
Greg in his school uniform with his basket of goodies waits for his new owner
Greg's basket of goodies
Greg and his guitar
The other raffle included two dolls, an Our Generation sewing machine with accessories and a host of other individual prizes.
The second raffle
More of the second raffle prizes
The sewing machine and accessories in the second raffle
Dawn assisted Dee with the raffle.  Some of the second raffle prizes were drawn first then half way through the first raffle prize was drawn, followed by the remainder of the second raffle prizes.

The raffle begins
Janet was pleased to win the blond girl
Ginny's daughter picked up a lovely dress on a clothes stand
Alice was thrilled to win the sewing machine, I think at least half of us wanted to win it.
My girl won a very pretty dress
Joanne was pleased to win a prize
A very happy winner of Greg and his basket of clothes and accessories - Jane was thrilled
It looks like Greg was pleased with his new mum too
 A short while later Iris won the brunette boy
All too soon it was time to pack up and say goodbye to everyone.  Jocelyn travelled with us so we had lots of chatting in the car on the way home about the Chat 'n Snap.  Thank you to Dee for organising it and all her band of helpers who served refreshments, it was a very enjoyable day.

Chat n Snap 2016 - part 2

The Scouting and Guiding Jamboree wasn't the only display of Sasha and Gregor dolls at the Chat 'n Snap.  Plenty of dolls had come along to enjoy the fun and were put on tables around the sides of the hall.  I went round a couple of times to take photos as the displays grew, they were fluid through the day as people showed off their dolls to their friends and rearranged them a bit in the process.
Two blond toddlers and red haired girls
A pretty little Iona Gotz toddler girl wearing a ra ra skirt outfit
Toddler twins - one pair of only two Trendon prototype toddlers
Red haired girls in hand made white dresses, and friends
Jocelyn's two dolls (left in Emma Flood outfits) with a Red haired Gotz and a course doll
Two beautifully dressed Trendon girls
A Trendon boy in a wonderful Christmas sweater and a Trendon girl with her attractive beret and cardigan
Some gorgeous red haired girls
Dawn's lovely pram she restored this year
Reuben, Trendon Elliott, Melanie and Edmund brought some of the Summer Music Festival to the Chat 'n Snap
Three of our babies Nina, Daisy and Amy babble to each other while Florence (wearing the lovely Emma Flood outfit I bought at the Sasha Celebration) dreams as she listens to the music from the Summer Festival.  Beside our babies is the soft bodied baby made by Janet for Tricia
Caleb and Cora playing it cool on their motorbike!
A well behaved group of toddlers and babies with the older Sasha and Gregor dolls
A baby with a glove puppet entertains the other babies and toddlers
This collection of Muller Wichtel dolls was brought together for the day by those who collect them as well as Sasha
A doll made by Theresa using a course doll pattern and baby rerooted by Theresa with soft body by Janet joined the display
The Trendon toddler twins were joined by the only other pair of Trendon toddlers, a baby and a puppy
This was the dolls for sale table where anyone could put their doll for sale if they made a small donation to the charity pot
Three lovely Trendon dolls pose in the window, I managed to capture them on camera with the light behind them
Gayle's beautiful re-rooted Cora
Close up of Gayle's re-rooted Cora
Teddy had brought his lovely jointed wooden doll
Close up of the face of Teddy's wooden doll.  She is a bit bigger than Sasha serie dolls and wears Magic Attic and American Girl doll clothes.
Some Sasha children stood behind the motorcycle
This Gotz girl wears a lovely coat and hat set
This Trendon girl likes elephants
Three gorgeous early Trendons
The three gorgeous early Trendons are joined by another lovely early Trendon and a Gotz Claudius toddler
It is impossible to stop the toddlers and babies crawling and playing around and a Mexican copy of Sasha has crept into the lineup
A wonderful Studio girl
close up of the wonderful Studio girl
When eating our lunch and during the afternoon we sat at a table near our dolls and chatted with various people.  I brought out my Heather Maciak dolls - Jenny and Lexie wearing their knitted sweaters and my new Heather Maciak UFDC 2016 Convention souvenir doll Emily and journal which I bought recently via ebay.  Heather had told me all about the making of this doll and her companion doll when we met last year in Vancouver.  Teddy and I had an animated discussion about our Jenny and Lexie dolls and Dee showed me the two she had very recently purchased, inspired partly by my blog posts on them.  My daughter and I also made friends with Joanne who was crocheting a dress for her Sasha baby.  My girl sat stitching her first Cross Stitch kit (and finished it during the afternoon) and I knitted a few rows of a sweater for Emily my newest doll so it became a bit of a working crafts table for the afternoon.  I later saw Diane D knitting at another table as well.