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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Thank you Sasha, John and Sara

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, however have been unable to spare a moment to update the blog until now (family, day job and volunteer project have to come first).

(back row l-r) Miranda, Trendon Elliott, Laura, Reuben, Florence
(front row l-r) Baby Leo, Nicholas James, Baby Mabel
say 'thank you Sasha, John and Sara'
This is our tribute from all 8 of our Trendon Sasha dolls (our entire Sasha family, we have no Gotz Sashas) to the memory of Sasha Morgenthaler, John Doggart and Sara Doggart.  Sara died on 26th January in her 102nd year.  Without Sara and John, the Trendon versions of Sasha's wonderful dolls would never have come into being.  They have provided countless hours of fun for many children and adults with these beautiful dolls.

Some of the tributes to Sara on other blogs include:
Lorraine (with Henry)

The day before Sara died, Theresa had published the following article on her blog which is Brenda Walton's story about working with Sasha, John and Sara on the Trendon dolls

Thank you Sasha, John and Sara for these wonderful dolls and the pleasure they give.  May you all rest in peace.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Blue eyed boy

Some close up photos of Trendon Elliott's eyes.  Today I washed his hair - it wasn't dirty but his fringe wasn't behaving properly (a bit like the fringe of his little brother baby Leo, whose hair I also washed).  Trendon had a sock placed over his damp hair and later his hair was much better behaved.  Leo is still enduring the indignity of the sock treatment.

Trendon Elliott with a beany hat
Close up of Trendon Elliott's puddle eyes
without the beany hat - fringe tamed
He has a hook and bar with a white neck ring, I'm told this means he was made before June 1974 which means he is likely to be a Blond Denims boy.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Welcome Trendon Elliott

Miranda would like to introduce you to her new brother, Trendon Elliott.  He has come to join the family, and also the T*R*E*N*D*O*N gang, initiated by the combined efforts of Sasha Village and Simply Sasha towards the end of last year.

Miranda and Trendon Elliott 
comparing their eyes
Trendon Elliott
We weren't sure until he arrived whether he would be a full member of the gang (Trendon had to be his first name) or an associate member (Trendon as the second name), however after consulting the names book and testing out various options, my younger daughter chose Elliott.  So maybe his next clothing change will be to wear the Elliott shirt which is usually worn by Nicholas James.  He is wearing the clothes he brought with him (a lovely knitted blue sweater, white trousers and socks).  My daughter decided he couldn't be introduced to the others until he put on some shoes, so he is wearing one of the pairs of 2012 Sasha Festival trainers.

We are not sure if he is a Denims boy or a Blue suit boy (he has been restrung and has none of his original clothes), he has lovely puddle eyes, two toned blond hair and a larger silver wrist tag, which (according to the Sasha Dolls: Serie Identification book) means he was made in the period of 1970-1974.  I will take better photos of him during the day, as these don't do him justice (Shelly's photos of him are nicer).

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lady Crazie visits the Gingerbread House

It is Epiphany, the Christmas decorations have been packed away apart from the crib scene as the Wise Men have come to visit.  However one item from Christmastide hasn't gone. In fact, I only made it a week after Christmas day - the gingerbread was cut and baked on 31 December 2014, the icing and assembly of the house was done on 1 January 2015.  This was my first attempt at a Gingerbread house (pretty messy) and Lady Crazie, all the way from Germany where these houses are very traditional, came to inspect our efforts, along with her new friends Clemence the bear and and Laura's Owl.

Owl and Lady Crazie perched on the Gingerbread house while Clemence enjoyed the rich smell of Gingerbread and icing
Owl liked his perch on the chimney, while Lady Crazie liked the roof
Clemence wanted to sample the house, but was afraid of upsetting the owner
Lady Crazie and Owl chirped and hooted to each other on the roof
Clemence tried the front door to see if anyone was at home
Clemence peered around the side of the Gingerbread house, was anyone there?
While the owl and Lady Crazie chirped and hooted at each other,
Clemence the bear went exploring round the house
to see if anyone was at home, he even looked through the back windows
Clemence peered around from the back of the house
Clemence was quite sure by this time that no one was at home,
Lady Crazie checked the front door again just to be sure.
Lady Crazie sat on the front door step of the Gingerbread house
Lady Crazie seemed to like the house, the owl came to perch on the roof
Clemence started to gnaw off some of the icing snow on the roof
The owl pecked at the roof icing
then flew with a piece of icing in his beak to the chimney perch
Clemence sat down to enjoy his piece of icing, with Lady Crazie
Lady Crazie with the gifts she brought from the Sasha Commoneos
The chocolates which Lady Crazie brought with her didn't last very long, my younger daughter (who helped me with this scene) ate the last one - the wrapper is shown in the photo above.  Also shown is a gorgeous little Christmas card, two beautiful miniature wooden reindeer and a photo card of the Sasha Commoneo family and Lady Crazie with her family whom she has left at home.  Thank you Anne for sending her to us, she has now gone upstairs (safely away from our dog), so who knows what adventures she will encounter next in our home.

Friday, 2 January 2015

A Happy New Year story

Doll posing and storyline by DollMum's younger daughter, photos and words by DollMum.

Laura greets her white horse Emily with Clemence and baby Mabel
'I've got a surprise for you Emily' says Laura
As Laura walks away to fetch the surprise,
Mabel tries to stand to see Emily better...
...while cheeky Clemence climbs on calm Emily's head!
Laura greets the little white foal
'Clemence, what are you doing there' exclaims Laura
as she spies the little bear sitting on Emily's head
Clemence climbs down the stable roof
Laura opens the stable door
'Look Emily, see Scarlet, our new foal' says Laura
as she leads the new foal to the horse and pony in the stable
Laura introduces Emily and Scarlet to each other
Baby Mabel is very interested in Scarlet
Scarlet is also interested in baby Mabel
baby Mabel begs to be allowed to sit on Scarlet
Laura doubtfully agrees and holds onto
baby Mabel very carefully as she cuddles Scarlet
Laura leads Scarlet, with baby Mabel still riding, into Scarlet's stable
After lifting baby Mabel down from the foal,
Laura carefully closes Scarlet's stable door
'Happy New Year' say the girls and Clemence,
'we hope you like our new foal'
The 'Our Generation' foal was not one of the items I bought during my recent trip to Washington DC - I wasn't far from a Target store but didn't manage to visit it (Target stock all the 'Our Generation' dolls and accessories, including their horses).  In early December, during a quick trip into Smyth's toys superstore in the UK, I spotted that the Canadian 'Our Generation' dolls range has come to the UK.  My daughter's white horse is a Battat/Our Generation horse which I'd bought via ebay 3 years ago.  When I showed my younger daughter the range online, she was very excited about the foal and it wasn't too expensive (though would have been cheaper in the USA), so I bought it as part of her Christmas gift.

She decided to do this photo story showing how the horse and foal were introduced as a 'Happy New Year' greeting to all our doll friends.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Secret Santa Swap 2014 - part 2

In part 1 I explained what we sent to Canada for Lorraine's 2014 Secret Santa Swap.  My younger daughter and I asked for the following:

a classic coat and hat for Sasha (Laura)
a pair of white Mary Jane type shoes for baby Mabel
a pair of lace up shoes for baby Leo
a bright coloured sweater for baby Leo
a yoke style dress for Laura in fine corduroy (patterned or plain)
For anyone who isn't familiar with dollmum's blog, Laura has red hair (Sasha white dress), baby Leo is an early sexed blond boy and baby Mabel is a an early sexed brown haired waif.

The parcel arrived in early December and I saved the individual gifts for opening on Christmas day.

On Christmas morning Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer arrived with a sleigh full of lovely parcels for Laura, baby Leo and baby Mabel.  We did manage to unwrap the gifts during the afternoon however there wasn't time to do more than a quick photo of the three dolls (and my younger daughter) with the gifts before we went to stay with family and it was only 2 days later that I had a moment to edit the photo, followed by a photo session today of the dolls wearing their new clothes.

Rudolf delivers the Secret Santa gifts 
The gifts from Rosie L (Secret Santa) in the sleigh 
Baby Mabel was thrilled with her white Mary Jane shoes - she has been asking for a pair ever since she arrived in our family.  Rosie L had knitted baby Leo a wonderful multicoloured sweater and provided a gorgeous yoke style green dress with a white collar for Laura who with her red hair looks wonderful in this colour.  There was a fourth gift to unwrap addressed to me and my younger daughter (she unwrapped it) and we were very pleased with the lovely felt Christmas tree decoration of a fox and a fox cross stitch kit, which my daughter will stitch.  Rosie L had also thoughtfully enclosed mini candy canes for the dolls.  Thank you Rosie for our lovely gifts - we're delighted with them.
My girl with Mabel, Leo, Laura and all the gifts
Leo in his lovely sweater from Rosie L
Leo and Mabel, who is wearing her new Mary Jane shoes
with the Christmas dress I made for her last year
Leo, Laura and Mabel in their Secret Santa gifts
The fox cross stitch kit which my daughter will stitch
The fox Christmas tree decoration
As it happens, I had ordered a coat and hat set from Vintage Sasha at the Chat 'n Snap after my daughter tried to get a set from Sarah's table but wasn't into rugby tackling all the bigger people who had longer arms to reach through the crowd.  Sarah found some more velvet to make the hat to go with the dog tooth coat (although she said it was just as slippery to sew as the other velvet she had used).  On Christmas day my girl was delighted with the coat and hat set and it went with Laura when we visited family later that day.  On Boxing day evening there was snowfall all night so on the 27th we had a morning of fun in the snow (nearly 4 inches) before returning home later, where no snow at all had fallen.

Laura in her Vintage Sasha coat and hat
with the snow reindeer and a Team Santa Reindeer from Build a Bear
Under the coat in the snow picture Laura was wearing her blue velvet dress, sparkly tights and blue satin ballet shoes!  We'd forgotten to bring some outdoor footwear on this trip to go with the coat.  So she didn't stay outside for long!  My girl transferred the 2012 Olympics pin badge to the collar of the coat from the blue dress.

When Laura tried on her lovely new green yoke dress today she put the coat and hat on over the top of the dress and I took another photo.  She wore the white socks which Sarah included in the set, and her black Scottish dancing shoes by Lisa Hartley.
Laura wearing the Vintage Sasha coat and hat
with Lisa Hartley dancing shoes
Thank you Lorraine for organising the swap again - it was great fun to take part and we're very pleased with our gifts.