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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Advent Calendar Day 19

The pocket for Day 19 of my elder daughter's Advent Calendar contained another reference to her musical occupation, well at least in my view it did! The picture is a robin, which sings, and the gift inside was another cross stitch picture made by her sister. I saw them as mice carol singing, she saw them as mice carrying gifts.

Day 19 pocket

The mice cross stitch and 'oh bring us a figgy pudding'

Front view of the mice asking / singing for figgy pudding!

Back of the mice Christmas decoration - starry fabric and figgy puddings

She had always wondered about figgy pudding and whether it was another name for Christmas pudding (which she likes). I had made a Christmas cake and a Christmas pudding which we posted to her along with her gifts and some lights for her Christmas tree.

Day 19 was also the day we decorated our Christmas trees so the pockets of the Advent calendar, which had been holding the unwrapped items until the tree was ready, started to be emptied. Two days earlier she and her landlady went out to a Christmas tree farm and bought a beautiful Nordman fir tree. 

The Advent Calendar just before her tree decoration activities began

Day 19 cross stitch hanging on the tree, with a Day 6 snowflake and Day 2 star in the background

She has sent me photos of the tree as she gradually added the decorations from her Advent Calendar and her landlady added the collection of decorations her family have used over the years. 

At home, for the first time our younger daughter had the job of putting the lights on our tree, a role her elder sister has usually done in recent years when at home, otherwise I have done the lights.

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NeverUschi said...

I'm looking forward to a photo of the whole decorated tree. It will be so unique and personal!