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Saturday, 5 December 2020

Advent Calendar Day 5

The pocket for Day 5 of my elder daughter's Advent Calendar contained a honeycomb fabric bauble I made for her tree. As a bauble it would not have fitted in the pocket, so I made it fold flat then fold out to the bauble shape, fastened with a press stud (snap fastener).

Day 5 pocket featuring baubles

Fabric honeycomb bauble

Fabric honeycomb bauble which folds flat
when the snap fastener hidden in a honeycomb is undone.

While we watched online, as she removed the packet from the pocket, I asked her what the picture was on the pocket. She noted it was baubles but decided the parcel was too flat to be a bauble. It was so funny watching her amazement as she unwrapped it and unfolded the honeycomb bauble into a ball shape, her eyes went wide!

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