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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Advent Calendar Day 20

The pocket for Day 20 of my elder daughter's Advent Calendar contained a miniature shweshwe fabric Christmas tree. The picture on the front, of mistletoe, was a sort of clue to its contents as mistletoe is found in trees.

Day 20 pocket

I used a left over piece of two shweshwe fabrics which were already sewn together from making a red and green Sasha doll dress in 2019 for Theresa. I cut the left over strip in half and stitched it together to make four parallel bands then cut two triangles for the tree shape so the bands came out on the diagonal - a nod to tinsel or lights wrapped around some trees. Once it was stuffed and the trunk added, I stitched on some glass beads for baubles and stars at either side of the top.

Shweshwe Christmas tree shaped decoration

One side of the Shweshwe Christmas tree

The other side of the Shweshwe Christmas tree

She was very pleased with the miniature tree, to complement the little elephant from day 18, and it soon found a place to hang on the full sized Christmas tree.

The Shweshwe fabric Christmas tree decoration hanging
with three of the other decorations on the real tree

1 comment:

NeverUschi said...

What a great idea! This fabric makes a lovely, and convincing, little tree.