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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sasha Celebration weekend 2016 - part 4

After a fun day of crafts, raffle, sales tables and doll conversations we all gathered for dinner.  This time we had a dedicated room for our Sasha Celebration group, rather than tables in the main restaurant.  Just before dinner, two Makie dolls met for the first time.  At last year's Sasha Celebration, my daughter playing with Lorraine's Wren had inspired me to buy a Makie doll for my daughter, I had used the 'design your own' option and she had come out similar but not the same as Wren.  The dolls are 3D printed and are very pose-able.
Wren and Isabel are amazed to meet each other
"Wow, we look so similar" cried Isabel
"Look, same colour hair" said Wren
Wren and Isabel shook hands
Meanwhile two other non Sasha girls were meeting up again.  Last year I bought Betsy from Lorraine, she is a wooden Schoenhut doll. I gave her a new wig.  Peggy Sue was wearing her new outfit won that afternoon on the raffle including pearls (I think she fancies herself as Lady Penelope), Betsy was wearing an outfit my daughter received during last year's raffle.
Peggy Sue and Betsy saying hello again
Betsy was telling Peggy Sue about her favourite rocking chair at her new home
Wren and Isabel gave each other a hug - they were pleased to meet at last
On the dining table Isabel was hoping the wine glass would be filled soon - Wren was a bit shocked
Lorraine's baby wearing his mask joined Laura, Mabel and new baby Daisy on the dining table
Isabel tried some of the wine despite Wren's warnings
The wine made Isabel feel very dizzy, Wren caught her just in time
"Sit down" said Wren as Isabel held her head
"That was silly" said Isabel, "I didn't expect it to make me feel that odd"
"I did warn you" said Wren
"Hopefully you will feel better soon" Wren reassured her new friend
Once we had eaten our delicious 3 course dinner, it was time for the face mask competition.
The Sasha and Gregor dolls wearing their masks line up for the competition
The Sasha and Gregor dolls in their face masks disguising their identities
Laura and Mabel were beside Lorraine's dolls and Alice's doll
A pair of mischievous toddlers had found their way into the lineup even though they were not wearing masks
Some more elegantly dressed Sasha and Gregor children in their masks
Alice was thrilled to win the face mask competition with her green/forest themed mask
Wren was pleased to greet baby Daisy, who was wearing a new outfit for the evening, though would not part with her hat
Jonny's wonderful NiNi doll sat at our table
Jonny is a very talented doll maker.  The NiNi doll eye painting was beautiful
Isabel, who had recovered from her great wine escapade, went to meet the NiNi doll
There were various thank you presentations - Janet gave gifts to her helpers Tricia and Theresa and to all of us who had run a craft workshops.
Tricia and Janet during gift presentations
My gift from Janet was a lovely little wooden doll with a Sasha themed felt outfit.  Betsy was pleased to open the box to reveal this delightful surprise.
The little wooden doll with Betsy
Janet was presented with a bouquet of flowers to thank her for doing such a fantastic job of organising the Sasha Celebration again
Theresa presented Kendal with a specially engraved trophy and a card we had all signed to thank her for bringing her entire amazing collection of 68 Sasha and Gregor dolls to be the main feature of the Celebration
Kendal and Theresa with the trophy
Isabel sensibly drank water for the rest of the evening
Laura H with a doll wearing one of Emma F's lovely sweater outfits
Laura H appreciates good knitting - she does plenty of it herself
Baby Daisy with the NiNi girl
Betsy, Peggy Sue and NiNi girl
We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, chatting to several friends, meeting people we hadn't spoken with before and posing the dolls for photographs.


Serenata said...

It was a really lovely evening indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. Good company, food and fun!

Triciamj said...

A great summary of the evening Anna - thanks, Tricia

Kendal said...

I'm unfortunately now realising due to viewing these blog posts just how much I had actually missed! SO much to see, do and then take in in such a short a time!
Many thanks Dollmum for giving me a sight into the bits that I must have missed.

Ginger said...

A very nice post DollMum and nice to show other dolls that were there at the SCW. The dinner was so very tasty and it seemed like the night just flew by. I enjoyed the mask contest and the recognition portion of the evening. Kendal's etched glass trophy was fantastic and it was so nice to see her being recognized by her Sasha peers. A very special evening. Thank you for your postings! :) xxx