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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Preparing for the Sasha Celebration

I've barely had any spare Sasha doll time in recent weeks as my full time job and the voluntary project have both been intensely busy and have taken most of my time and energy.  The voluntary project has been coming to glorious fruition with celebratory events - wonderful and exhausting.

I'm running one of the craft workshops at the Sasha Celebration (last year we made miniature railway engines).  This year those attending know already it will be another toy - a string puppet - but they know nothing else about it.

I am not going to tell exactly what kind of marionette character it is - much more fun to reveal it on the day, however this photo shows Reuben giving you a tantalizing glimpse of the controller.

What will it be - Reuben knows but won't tell until Saturday
After the event I'll blog about the design and making of this little toy and how it goes at the workshop. Meanwhile I'm bagging up 45 kits with the instructions and certificates.

We're getting very excited about the weekend and look forward to catching up with Sasha friends, making things together and admiring Kendal's magnificent collection.


Kendal said...

Your workshop sounds to be most exciting! I can certainly guess just how much time you have put into all this preparation knowing what a magnificent workshop you provided for us all.
Looking forward to seeing you and your delightful younger daughter later today.
Up early to pack a few of my own clothes (although whether they will fit into the car at the very end is another matter) as when my daughter arrived up here from the south late last night and saw ALL the boxes waiting she said that she doesn't think that all the dolls will go in, never mind us and our belongings. Wish us luck!
Safe journey to you and thanks for all your workshop preparations.

Serenata said...

So much fun, I can't wait! Well I can really, but the 'kids' can't...they are already asking 'Can we go?

See you soon!

treefrogdemon said...

Thanks again for the ride, DollMum and daughter - I'm going to buy myself a satnav like yours! - Jocelyn