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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sasha Celebration weekend 2016 - part 1

The night before the Sasha Celebration weekend I was busy cutting marionette strings, printing out instructions and bagging up the 45 kits.
A tray full of marionette parts before bagging them up into kits
On Friday I packed, collected an excited young lady from school at 3pm, welcomed Jocelyn who was travelling with us, loaded the car and off we went to Nottingham.  We were the last to arrive (just after 6pm because of heavy Friday afternoon traffic on the M1), so the others were already assembling in the bar area for pre-dinner chatting.  Jocelyn (who traveled light) was a star helper as we brought our workshop boxes and entire collection of Sasha dolls (12) plus 4 other dolls to our room.

Soon we were enjoying a delicious meal with Sasha friends - it was wonderful to meet everyone and renew friendships face to face which are usually conducted online.  Some people had traveled a considerable distance for the celebration - we had one person from Australia, one from Germany, one from Switzerland, one from Spain and two from the USA.  We sat with Lorraine, Jocelyn, Alison (whom I had not met before), Jo, Iris and Jane W.
Melanie and Nina  - my two newest Sasha girls at the dinner table on Friday evening
Isabel my daughter's Makie doll at the dinner table
Edmund and Laura like the look of their girl's chocolate and orange pudding
Melanie and Nina, my pudding, with Jocelyn and Alison enjoying their conversation
After dinner the £1 bazaar was held (we made 2 donations and bought one thing) and we took our raffle contributions to one of the rooms the Sasha Celebration was using, bought some raffle tickets and admired Janet's glorious dolls already on display.
Janet's beautiful dolls awaiting more friends
 The Robin Hood forest scene was being set up, at this stage it had Janet's dolls, the backdrop and the fireplace.
The Robin Hood scene with Janet's dolls
Janet and Ginger's lovely dolls as Robin Hood and Maid Marian (thanks for the correction Janet)
The top raffle prize was a doll with a beautiful sweater and accessories donated by Gayle, who could not join us for the Celebration.
Mikey waiting for the Saturday and his new lucky owner
There were 2 tables covered with raffle prizes and they kept on coming - everyone was so generous.  With this promise of an exciting Saturday ahead of us, we said goodnight to our friends and went to bed.


Serenata said...

Lovely to see your first post - it is always interesting seeing everyone's photos as we all see different things and remember events in varying ways. It really was a fantastic weekend..

jamamy said...

What a lovely introduction to our Sasha Weekend, I love the pud shots and also the photos of my dolls waiting patiently for their friends to join them in Sherwood Forest, Maid Marian belongs to Ginger by the way, her name is really Mary. Thank you for such lovely memories

Sharon said...

It was lovely to see you and your daughter again Anna, and didn't we have the loveliest of times!
I look forward to reading the next installment of your blog about the weekend.

Kendal said...

Like Lorraine I always enjoy viewing other people's blog posts and this was no exception as being overtired after the morning's packing and travelling and then the setting up The Brood's display I went straight up to my room after the evening meal so unfortunately missed Friday evening's events so extra thanks for these most interesting glimpses.
PS.I enjoyed all the food I had chosen at every the breakfast selections were just 'out of this world.'

shelley said...

lovely pictures, thank you

Ginger said...

So nice to have time today to read your first post covering the wonderful mealtime on Friday evening and showing the very handsome raffle doll. It was such a great time at the Sasha Celebration and it was so nice to meet you and your daughter after all of this time. :) xxx