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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sasha Celebration weekend 2016 - part 3

... or Daisy, Daisy and a bicycle made for two!

During lunchtime once I'd tidied up my workshop table, I took some photos of the Robin Hood display. Nicholas James had joined the display during the morning wearing his outfit which my girl had sewn (with a bit of help from me).
Nicholas James in the Robin Hood display standing just behind the log next to the valiant knight
The wonderful outfits on the dolls in the Robin Hood display were all unique and special, I could not imagine how they would choose a winner
Three beautiful medieval ladies gathered under the Greenwood tree
Some of the face masks which were made during the morning workshops - the black and sequinned mask on the left just below the green mask was made for Kendal by my girl
The face mask my girl made for Kendal
Laura was wearing her new face mask while standing on the table alongside the Robin Hood display
Back in the other room where I had spent most of the morning I took a few more photos of Kendal's Sasha Brood.
Kendal's only todder, Bea, was naturally the doll welcoming everyone to the display
Bea the toddler and her big brother, a 1960s Gotz boy looked after the Brood sign
After the delicious lunch we all settled down to the fun of the raffle.  We all crowded into the room with the raffle table and Robin Hood display.

Janet explained about the silent auction for the wonderful paper dolls of the Princess Elizabeth, kindly donated by Ann Chandler
Our raffle tickets laid out on the floor awaiting the start
Raffle tickets laid out on a table as Janet explained about the raffle
Janet announced that there was a first prize and a final prize - each of them a special doll
The first prize was donated by Gayle R and Rosie S (who had made his wonderful clothes).

Theresa's granddaughter drew the first ticket
And the lucky winner of Mikey the spikey haired boy with his Radio Flyer trolley was Liss
Just a few tickets later and our lucky number came up.  We looked at the heap of prizes on the table and suddenly my girl realised that there was a baby doll in a basket which had not yet been claimed by another winner. She could not believe her luck!

My girl and baby Daisy (who had been donated to the raffle by Petrana)
We won a few more prizes including a lovely smocked dress donated by Ginger and the tandem bicycle.  It was when we picked up the bicycle that I joked about Daisy and the bicycle made for two. This made my girl decide that Daisy suited her new baby doll.  After more than an hour of raffle draws, with people nominating others who hadn't won anything (my girl nominated Iris who had said to us in the morning that she never won raffles), the final prize was reached.  Jocelyn, who had won the second last prize, drew the winning ticket.
Jocelyn, who had won the second last prize, drew the winning ticket.
Jonny was thrilled to win the girl with the eyes repainted by Janet
It was an epic raffle and we were extremely lucky - a big thank you to everyone who donated prizes (I think each of us must have donated at least two) and to Tricia and Janet for ensuring that it was run with such humour.

While the sales tables were being set up those of us not selling anything congregated in the refreshments area for plenty of doll chatting.  I didn't take photos of the sales tables however I took the opportunity of taking photos of the dolls on display, spotting those who were proudly holding their new marionettes.
Janet's marionette being held by this Gotz girl
Lorraine's Henry and baby with a girl in tartan holding a marionette with green feet
A Gotz girl holding a marionette with pink an purple feathers
Two girls and marionettes
More of the dolls who had joined Janet's lovely collection on the table
Four children with their marionettes - Florence with the duck, Reuben with the ostrich, Ginger's girl with her ostrich and Finn with his ostrich
Nicholas James between Robin Hood and a princely looking knight
Nicholas James as Robin Hood in the outfit my girl made.  I made the bow and arrows, though she made the flights for the arrows
We bought a few things during the sales which I'll feature in a future post.  It was a good opportunity for more doll chatting with friends.  Once the sales tables were packed away again there was enough time to take our raffle wins and purchases back to our rooms and get ready for dinner.


jamamy said...

Wonderful post yet again, I love the photos and reliving the raffle. I am looking forward to seeing how little Daisy will manage the bicycle made for two. She was a lovely little baby, I had my eye on her myself!

Dee said...

Lovely photo's always interesting to see other peoples
as we all take shots of different things or things that
were added after we visited.

Serenata said...

Another great post :-) Lovely to see all the different marionettes. That raffle was indeed epic! It was so lovely to see the thrill your daughter received when she got to choose Daisy as her raffle prize.

Triciamj said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs etc now that Ginger and Ann are on their way back to Boston, so I'm reading your blogs backwards - they are a great summary of the event!

Kendal said...

I'm so very pleased that your daughter won the little Trendon baby as she is always so beautifully behaved, helpful and kind at these Sasha events.
I would also like to thank her for making me such a fantastic mask and must apologise again for being far too tired to put it on one of my girls and enter it into the competition...but will desperately try to make up for this and feature it on one of my future blog posts.
Daisy is a wonderful name for her new baby especially with the link of the well known song 'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...linked to the bicycle made for two...and the UK's daisy flowers that begin their flowering season in May.
Many thanks too for making up my marionette as your demonstration model. It was a magnificent idea and just perfect for the Sashas to play and have fun with..

treefrogdemon said...

I hope Jonny remembers who drew his winning ticket! - Jocelyn

Ginger said...

I really enjoyed the Sherwood Forest display and the many Robin Hood and Maid Marion dressed Sashas and other merry men outfits too...all were just terrific! I so admire the amazing talented seamstresses in our Sasha world. The raffle was fantastic and I loved seeing your daughter pick out Daisy from the raffle table. She was so very happy to have Daisy join the family. It was fun watching everyone pick their prize and very nice that everyone received a prize. Janet, Tricia and Theresa really put on a fantastic SCW and it was a joy to be there. :) xxx