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Friday, 20 May 2016

Raffle prizes from the Sasha Celebration 2016

Today I mowed the lawn when I got home from work.  However Daisy wanted the daisies in the lawn first so my girl dashed around and picked them for her before the mower got to them.

These are our raffle prizes from the Sasha Celebration weekend - Daisy the 1980s baby, the lovely smocked dress donated by Ginger from her collection, the tandem bicycle, a pink knitted dress, socks, hat and dress set Lorraine won and gave to baby Daisy, a petticoat by Alexisoffe donated by Linda Simpson, a hat and mittens set donated by Jackie Kraemer (and given to my girl by Jonny).  Not shown are Daisy's basket and the other bassinet (made up with mattress, coverlet and trim by Judith of Dollydoodles) and the miniature shopping trolley because Makie doll Isabel has claimed it for her own.   
Daisy, Daisy, her bicycle made for two and Laura wearing the smocked dress, with most of the other raffle prizes
Laura and baby Daisy with the spring flowers
Baby Daisy with the daisies
We were really lucky with raffle prizes, several wins so my girl nominated Iris to have one of our winning tickets and then two gifts from other winners towards the end of the raffle.  Daisy is now wearing the knitted dress set and looks very sweet in it.  The bunch of daisies is in a vase with water.


Serenata said...

Lovely to see the prizes you won in the raffle and how wonderful you were so lucky! Baby Daisy is just so sweet, what a lovely new little member of your family! Love how she picked all the daisies.

Kendal said...

A really wonderful selection of raffle prizes and gifts. I'm sure that your ever increasing Sasha Doll (and non Sasha dolls) family were absolutely delighted with these goodies.
Love the connection of the UK's Daisy flowers (picked just before the lawn was mown) with the latest new baby and 'Tandem/bicycle for two' additions. Perhaps the next growth of Daisies could be picked and a Daisy chain halo made to put around Daisy's head?

Sharon said...

Well done to your daughter for winning her little baby, her face was a picture :)

Dee said...

What fabulous haul you won from the raffle. The little baby and the tandem especially good.
Everyone was so generous in both the donating of prizes and the buying of tickets.

Kendal said...

Loved your 'picks' from the raffle prizes. Particularly pleased that your daughter won that sweet little baby.
People were just spoilt for choice again this year as there was so much generosity in evidence from our wonderful Sasha collectors.
Many thanks again for your fabulous Sasha marionette workshop.

Ginger said...

Wonderful raffle prizes and Daisy is just perfect for your daughter! It was a great event and raised a lot of money for charities. So it is a great thing to do all the way around. Thank you for the very, very nice postings of the SCW. :) xxx