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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Peggy Sue's birthday celebrations

The day after I returned from Vancouver, Jocelyn collected me and my younger daughter and we traveled to Lorraine's home to help celebrate Peggy Sue's birthday.  Peggy Sue has featured on my blog before, she is an antique wooden Schoenhut doll with some character.  Lorraine blogs about her on both her 'two many dolls' and 'Sewing for Sasha' blogs.  Jocelyn brought Lissy and Gaby, we brought Laura, Florence, Miranda, Edmund and Betsy.  Betsy?  Yes, Betsy, my Schoenhut doll (who came from Lorraine during the summer). I'll tell you more about her in another post.

The girls brought the Ponfa pram with them to show their friends along with a gift from Canada for Peggy Sue.  And Laura had brought something for Henry from Rome.

Lorraine blogged about Peggy Sue's party immediately afterwards but it is only now, a month later, that I've found a moment to go through my photos of our fun afternoon and assemble my blog post.

Laura wheeled the pram with the present for Peggy Sue
Edmund was looking interested in the present which Princess Addison had brought for Peggy Sue
Yes, of course you can unwrap it Peggy Sue" said Laura and Betsy (who was wearing a lilac dress).  Edmund was keen to see Peggy Sue unwrap her gift so he sat down beside Princess Addison to watch.
Peggy Sue started to unwrap the parcel
"Its beautiful fabric" exclaimed Peggy Sue.  "Yes", said Betsy, "my new mum brought it for you from the amazing Dressew shop in Vancouver"
"Thank you Betsy, Laura, Miranda and Florence for my lovely fabric" said Peggy Sue
"I'm looking forward to seeing what my mum will make for me from my new fabric"
Lissie and Gaby (Jocelyn's girl) handed Peggy Sue a very pretty parcel, which was tied with a lovely ribbon
"Oh how pretty" said Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue read the card from Lissy and Gaby
She was a bit overwhelmed to receive such lovely gifts
"For me?  Wow, this is fabulous, I have never had a modern outfit like this before" exclaimed Peggy Sue.  "Thank you so much Gaby and Lissy"
Lissy, Florence, Henry and Anne-Marie were pleased to see Peggy Sue enjoying her gifts.  Lexie and Jenny were so pleased Peggy Sue liked the fabric they had chosen for her in Dressew in Vancouver, they were still feeling a bit tired from the long journey.
Peggy Sue discovered a box of chocolates in the third package which came from her friend Princess Addison
Little Owen was there like a flash when he saw the chocolates!
"Thank you Princess Addison for my yummy chocolates" said Peggy Sue
While Peggy Sue was entertaining her guests we enjoyed a tea party with plenty of delicious cakes and sandwiches
This was followed by Laura giving Henry his Roman gift, that follows in the next blog post.


Serenata said...

It was a really lovely day and Peggy Sue still talks about her wonderful well as wondering when Mum is going to make her something with her special pretty fabric! Thank you for helping to make the day so special.

Kiki's Korner said...

It was fun to see photos of Peggy Sue's party again. We can never have too much celebrating of the good things in life like dollies and friends.

Ginger said...

What a wonderful day! Lorraine's table is lovely and what fun to see Peggy Sue opening her birthday presents. I just saw her wearing that new outfit on Lorraine's blog and it looks fantastic on her. Birthday parties are such fun and it is so nice that you all good spend happy time together. :) xxx

Kendal said...

Belated birthday wishes, Peggy-Sue. Great to see these wonderful birthday photos. Birthdays are so special to each and everyone of us and it's extra super when we can share them with others as well.

Anonymous said...

A really happy day.
And not just for the dollies, but for their mums as well...