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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Vancouver adventures - part 3

After a full day at the conference on the Friday it was time to leave Vancouver and return home.  As before, Jenny, Lexie and my Canadian boy traveled in my hand luggage, they were too precious to go in hold luggage and anyway I knew I would have plenty of time at the airport departures lounge for some doll photography.

Vancouver airport was upgraded for the 2010 Winter Olympics and is a great layout which really flows well. I had noticed when arriving that the departure area was the level below arrivals with a wonderful indoor lounge area that includes flowing water, plants, seating, statues and an aquarium.  So it was no hardship to spend about 3.5 hours in that area (I got to the airport early and the flight was delayed).

During our meeting the previous afternoon, Heather Maciak gave my Lexie a gorgeous outfit and dolly ('Just like me' - with an overdress of wool felt) which Lexie promised to share with Jenny.  At the airport the girls changed out of their exploring Vancouver clothes - Lexie put on her new outfit (which came with blue shoes) and Jenny borrowed Lexie's original outfit ('All dressed up').
Lexie, Canadian boy and Jenny with the suitcases they borrowed from Patsi and their new dolly pose in front of the First Nation sculptures in Vancouver airport
Lexie, Canadian boy and Jenny admire the fish and sea creatures in the aquarium at Vancouver airport
The aquarium had a helpful information board explaining the different fish in the tank
Vancouver airport aquarium
Vancouver airport departure lounge with plants, river and aquarium
On the other side of the aquarium was another viewing window to see the fish, so Lexie and Jenny posed for another photo
The 'river' in the airport had representative models of salmon jumping up the river
The model salmon in the river
Lexie and Jenny looked out the window to see the aeroplane which would take them back to England
My Canadian dolls and I had a great time in Vancouver and I'd definitely like to return to British Columbia one day with my family.


Anonymous said...

You and your dolls are traveling around the world -love it. So I can stay here and nevertheless watching interesting places with the eyes of your dolls. Thanks :)

Heather Maciak Originals said...

Beautiful pictures, Anna. The Vancouver Airport is one of the nicest I've ever seen, so it was a good place to hang out for a few hours. I'm so glad that Lexie (and jenny_) liked her new outfit :-) Hxo

Sharon said...

What a lovely gift and an attractive airport too. I'm sure the girls were delighted with their present from Heather....and they'll remember their trip for a long time to come ;)
Glad you had such a great time, next time hopefully we'll see photos of you, the family and Laura visiting there :)

Kendal said...

What a truly magnificent airport and one that you wouldn't mind having to wait in as there is so much to explore and see.
So pleased that you had the courage to photograph your three dolls for us to see the airport through 'the eyes of a doll' as we are used to and like.
Rather a pity though that Laura and her 'little Miss' weren't there with you too as that twosome is getting to be so well travelled of late.

Ginger said...

An amazing airport and I love the aquarium! How nice that you were able to visit Vancouver and I hope you are able to return with your family one day. It is a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing with us! :) xxx

Dee said...

What a great airport! almost worth a trip o it's own.
Lovely seeing the dolls enjoying a last walk about before flying home with their very
happy mum