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Friday, 6 November 2015

A Roman adventure - part 4

It was a dull and rainy morning for Day 3 in Rome when Laura explored the Colosseum.  Laura hadn't brought a raincoat with her so had to retreat under her girl's raincoat when it did rain, however fortunately most of the visit to the Colosseum was dry.
She went up in the lift to see this view (there were stairs which she used later to go down)
There was a partially rebuilt floor showing where the gladiators once fought.  This was a vast lake in Nero's time, the Flavian emperors restored the area to public use and built the Colosseum for public (bloody) entertainment - apparently they could flood the arena for mock sea battles, but later when the underground passages were built, the arena could no longer be flooded.
Laura and her girl went further up some steps to get an even better view
Further round Laura found a railing stopping people from climbing up the rubble slop which would once have had seating on it, she couldn't resist standing in the railing.
She took a photo across the Colosseum arena
Laura could see out of the Colosseum through the arched doorways to the Domus Aurea ruins
She climbed up towards another railing
It was hard work climbing up the rubble slope which was cemented together
Laura was determined to get to the railing for a better view
and she soon had her hand on the railing
Laura pulled herself up and through the railing
and waved to her girl from behind the railing
The useful plans of the Colosseum placed around the arena was labelled to explain the different areas
Form a different vantage point Laura could see under the arena floor
A rebuilt working trapdoor and lift was positions on the edge of the rebuilt floor, showing how wild animals, gladiators or actors would have made quick entrances into the area from the passages below
Laura was brave and stood near the edge to cheer on the gladiators
In one of the side walls she saw plenty of holes, probably where the support pins for marble cladding or friezes or statues might have been mounted
Laura was interested to see how the archaeologists were storing fragments of decorative masonry in a side wing
Laura posed on a column plinth to get a better view of the arena
She found the Colosseum fascinating
There was a model of what the seating areas looked like when the Colosseum was new
Another model showed how the trapdoors and lifts worked
This model seemed to show animal cages under the arena
The weights and pulley system for the trapdoors and lifts
Outside the Colosseum Laura could see that the outside wall had disappeared, the line of the wall was marked in the pavement.
Laura peeped out from her girl's raincoat to see the scaffolding on the outside rim of the Colosseum by the Gladiator's entrance
The Gladiator's entrance was marked with some foundation stones showing where the gate would have been in the enormous wall
It was raining as Laura and her girl went round the high end of the Colosseum to find some lunch, so Laura in her carry bag hid underneath the blue raincoat.  It had been a fascinating visit to see this enormous ancient arena.
(see also Part 1 of Laura's adventures in Rome and Part 2 when Laura visited the Palatine Hill and Part 3 when Laura explored the Roman Forum)


Dee said...

The Colosseum in Rome is a must, I am sure Laura and Little Dmd could feel the history seeping out of the walls. Did Laura come across an unofficial guide ? To tell you it's history? If not I am sure the place it's self told the tale.

I'm glad it did not rain for most of your visit, so that Laura had a chance to look around and climb about and do a close inspection. The tales she will have to tell the others now she's home!

Ginger said...

I agree with Laura and think the Colosseum is just fascinating! How wonderful to be able to visit it and the photos show wonderful views of the structure. I especially like the photos taken with Laura viewing the Colosseum floor. Just wonderful! She certainly is a determined little climber! It looks like a wonderful visit for you. Laura and her girl. Thank you for sharing with us. :) xxx

Sharon said...

What a lucky girl Laura is to be able to visit the Colosseum in Rome! Such a fascinating place with such a lot of bloody history....and obviously such a lot of work going on to ensure that future generations can visit it too :)

Kendal said...

What a superbly detailed and photographed account of Roman Colosseum.
It felt just as though I was there with you. How I wished that I could have been as these historic places are 'right up my street!'(Though wouldn't have been a spectator there in those days as not 'into' all that 'blood and thunder!')

Was most impressed to read hear about it being able to be flooded with water for the sea-battles entertainments!

I do hope that Laura didn't hurt herself in that rather nasty looking tumble!