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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Edmund's Christmas eve

Edmund was all ready for bed but he wanted to see that everything was ready for Father Christmas, so he made his way downstairs in his new pyjamas and dressing gown
It was quite hard climbing down all by himself as the stairs were deep for a toddler but Edmund was determined
Edmund peered round the door to see the Christmas tree
Edmund could see that there was something for Father Christmas and the reindeer in the fireplace beside the Christmas tree.  His stocking was waiting to be filled
Edmund clutched his stocking hopefully - maybe it would contain some gifts in the morning
The manger awaited baby Jesus on Christmas Eve as young Edmund went back upstairs to bed
The pyjamas were made by my younger daughter for Edmund from a piece of the fabric I bought in Dressew with Heather Maciak.  I made the dressing gown from the turquoise fleece fabric I bought a few days ago in Leicester when Edmund and Laura visited King Richard III's tomb.  The patterns came from Dorisanne.


Ginger said...

Edmund looks very handsome in his pajamas and robe. He navigated the stairs very well! The fireplace and manger scene are lovely to see. Thank you! :) xxx

Serenata said...

Fabulous pyjamas and dressing giwn for a perfect Christmas Eve. My boys used to get a new pair of pjs every Christmas Eve it was a bit of a tradition to get special pjs and a new book to read

Dee said...

Merry Christmas Edmund and all at Dollmum's and little miss DMD's home.
Lovely Pj's and Dressing gown Edmund, you look snug and warm while
waiting for Father Christmas.

twizel said...

Merry Christmas to all at Doll Mums, have a great Christmas xx

SimplySasha said...

How sweet does Edmund look! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Kendal said...

What a perfectly dressed for Christmas Eve Edmund! Well done to DMD for making his sweet little PJs and a cosy and warm dressing gown made by 'grandmum' to compliment the outfit.
Nothing so lovely as home made with love and care clothes.

Like Lorraine's boys, my daughter used to have new nightwear to wear on Christmas Eve to encourage her to have an earlier bath and so get into bed quicker. She didn't have a new book though but instead we would read the Christmas Nativity story together once she was between the sheets. (I drew the line on this tradition when she was 14!!!)

We all here wish you and your family a wonderfully happy Christmas and I'm sure that little Edmund's stocking will be filled to the brim.

Anonymous said...

Perfect dressed little Edmund and a wonderful setting!

Alles Liebe zum Fest
und eine fröhliche Feierei!

Kiki's Korner said...

Little Edmund is just adorable in his new pajamas and robe. I hope he had a wonderful Christmas and same to you.

miniaturista said...

Edmund es precioso y me encanta con su bata a escondidas para ver los regalos en el arbol.
Un abrazo

Sharon said...

Your daughter made a great job of Edmund's new PJs, and the dressing gown is lovely too , he does look like a nice snug Toddler boy, all ready to get some sleep in anticipation of Father Christmas coming and filling his stocking with goodies!
I wonder if he found it hard to get to sleep that night!