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Monday, 28 December 2015

Sasha Secret Santa 2015 - what we sent

I've participated in every Christmas Secret Santa Swap which Lorraine has organised since the first one in 2011.  This year I knew I would be up against time for making outfits as I was away for a week during November in Vancouver for a work conference and I was also completing some outfits for a doll which we raffled at our church Christmas fair.  As a result Lorraine made sure that I would send to a UK based person rather than overseas (the deadline for sending gifts is end of November).  In the event my parcel (which our dolls unwrapped on Christmas day) arrived on the 27 November (from the USA) and I managed to sew and send gifts to Rosie L a week later.

I had received the following message from Rosie's boys (via Lorraine):

Dear Santa
We have been very good and hope we're on your nice list.
This year the Laird Gregors would like a reefer jacket in navy or grey (if
that's possible) or another style of jacket without a hood.
We would also like a Star wars t shirt and a messenger bag.
If that's not possible we would be happy with some shirts. please don't send
us knitwear as our Mum knits ALL the time!
Thank you
The Laird Gregors

I found some Star Wars fabric online.  The motifs on the fabric were the largest I dared use on a Sasha doll sized shirt so I adapted my dashiki pattern to make large t-shirts for the boys.  Sending them one Star Wars themed t-shirt seemed silly, much better to send three, to prevent arguments.  I cut out the motifs and stitched them onto plain polyester non stretch fabric using a fine zigzag stitch.  From the fourth piece of fabric I made a messenger bag.
Nicholas James, Trendon Elliott and Reuben model the Star Wars shirts
NJ, TE and R tried very hard not to feel jealous of the Laird Gregors who would receive these Star Wars shirts, even though none of them had ever seen a Star Wars movie.
Trendon Elliott modeled the red light saber shirt and carried the messenger bag
Reuben modeled one of the blue Star Wars shirts
Nicholas James modeled the other blue Star Wars shirt
The Star Wars messenger bag
The open Star Wars messenger bag
I suggested in a note to Rosie that the boys would need some popcorn when they went to see the new Star Wars movie.

A few days later the following email arrived from Rosie L:

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the super T shirts and Messenger bag you made for me. We are delighted with them. When I asked for a Star Wars T shirt I didn't really know if it would be possible - but to get 3 and a matching bag is just amazing. Your sewing is so neat I am envious! You are right - all my boys need now is some popcorn to munch while watching.

As you can see from Lorraine's blog, Rosie's Gregors are delighted.

I still have some Star Wars fabric (I bought a fat quarter of 4 different patterns).  None of my family have ever watched Star Wars - I could make more shirts if anyone wants one for their Gregor doll.


Dee said...

Great T shirts and very on trend with the new film out.

Serenata said...

Didn't you do well?! Those t shirts are just great and as we know Rosie's boys were thrilled to get them. In fact I am having a guess that if they are anything like my boys they are still wearing them!

Kendal said...

My daughter went to see the latest Star Wars film with her male friend on Christmas Eve and although she isn't into Star Wars as such so hadn't seen any of the other films she said that she really enjoyed it.

Loved your themed T shirts and messanger bag for those three Gregors. Very clever work.

Kiki's Korner said...

The shirts turned out perfectly and I think the large images are very much in style. I'm sure they made the boys very happy. We are Star Wars fans here and look forward to seeing the new movie soon.

Angelo's Papa said...

Oh, yes - I would love Star Wars T-shirts! How can I get them? Angelo

Ginger said...

I love your Star Wars t-shirts and bag and what a fantastic Christmas gift for Gregors! There are not as many choices for the boys and these t-shirts are great. I saw the new Star Wars film last night and liked it a lot. Well done DollMum, perfect timing to make the trendy shirts when the new movie comes out! :) xxx

DollMum said...

Angelo's Papa - send me an email to my dollmum address (you'll find it on my playthings tab).

Sharon said...

These tee shirts are lovely Anna, the boys look great in them and I'd imagine that Rosie's boys are more than thrilled with them. I particularly like the Yoda one. I am a fan of big appliques, actually I'm a fan of ALL sizes of appliques and these big ones work really well. After all, you see all sizes on kids clothes in the shops which is where I tend to use for ideas.
PS I have never seen a Star Wars film all the way through, I'm not really into this type of film, but do like all the Star Wars 'goodies' that you see in the shops!