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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sasha Christmas day 2015

On Christmas morning the Sasha and Gregor children and babies gathered around the new fireplace to find the sleigh bearing Secret Santa gifts.
Nicholas James and Reuben were wearing Christmas t-shirts from the 2012 swap (from Dorisanne)
Florence was glad to greet the reindeer (she was wearing her dress from the first Sasha Secret Santa we joined in 2011
Edmund toddled in still wearing his dressing gown and pyjamas.  "Merry Christmas, sleepyhead" laughed Miranda when she saw him. "Mewwy Cwismas Miwanda" mumbled Edmund, who was still tired from his Christmas Eve climb down and up the stairs.
Edmund's stocking was bulging with gifts from Father Christmas
"Pwesents!" cried Edmund in delight as he clutched his stocking (and showed off his pyjamas made by his girl from fabric bought at Dressew)
The others gathered around to watch as Edmund pulled a candy cane out of the stocking
This was swiftly followed by a model aeroplane kit.  Reuben offered to help Edmund assemble the plane later.
Edmund discovered a dinosaur stencil in his stocking
"A wacing car" yelled Edmund in delight as the next gift emerged from his stocking
The last gift from his stocking was a rubber ball.  Edmund was thrilled and asked the others to play ball with him later.
After Edmund's excitement, the Sasha and Gregor's turned their attention back to the sleigh full of gifts. They were all presented beautifully in draw string bags. We had requested gifts for the boys this year when Lorraine organised the swap.
Reuben carefully lifted down from the sleigh a gorgeous polar bear with chocolates
There was a lovely pair of black shoes in one of the gift bags
A superb hand knitted sweater with a polar bear motif and matching socks was in the next bag (made by Halyna)
There was also some dark chocolate (sea salt caramel) in the wonderful collection of Secret Santa gifts
The boys decided that Nicholas James would wear the sweater, socks and shoes first.  NJ was so pleased he tucked his jeans into the socks to show off their stripes
Mabel, the polar bear, Edmund and Trendon Elliott (wearing the 2011 Secret Santa sweater) were pleased to pose for a Christmas photo.
This wasn't the end of the Sasha Christmas surprises. In a basket belonging to her big sister my younger daughter discovered her new baby. She came (via Shelly's site) with a hand knitted sweater and original Sasha baby Ginger trousers.
After dressing her new baby ginger in the clothes
The only blue eyed red haired Sasha baby (made by Trendon) is an unsexed baby, it is described in the Three Ann's Sasha Identification book as 'she' however the baby comes wearing trousers. After some thought my girl decided the baby would be a girl and she will be called Amy.

Florence, Laura, baby Leo, Nicholas James, baby Mabel, Miranda, Reuben, Edmund and Trendon Elliott meet baby Amy
Leo, Mabel, polar bear and Edmund say hello to Amy
Welcome baby Amy
Thank you so much to Halyna for the gorgeous collection of Secret Santa gifts and Lorraine for organising the swap again this year. We enjoyed participating and I'll blog about the gifts we sent to Rosie L in the next post. Our Sasha and Gregor family (now 10!) wish all our friends and other readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and happy 2016.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmasdays to you all.
Thanks for showing your presents; so much lovely thingies -and new baby!

Dee said...

What lovely gifts, the polar bear sweater set especially lovely. Welcome to the new baby Amy a gorgeous red haired addition to your Sasha family.

Kendal said...

What a beautiful set of family Christmas present opening photos! They are all looking so natural that they could be happening in real 2015 life.
I just knew that little Edmund's stocking would certainly be full to the brim!
Welcome to baby Amy!
Many thanks indeed for sharing this delightful event.

Serenata said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas morning with lovely gifts and toys for all the kids. Glad you enjoyed the Secret Santa swap again this year and also lovely to see them wearing previous years outfits.

Love Amy, she is very sweet. Congratulations on your new arrival.

Sharon said...

The children must have been particularly good this year as they got such nice presents. I love the polar bear sweater and of course baby Amy is a wonderful edition to your daughters Sasha family. I loved seeing Edmund opening his stocking, what a lucky little Toddler boy he is!