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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 7

Sunday morning of the Sasha Celebration was our final chance to get together before going home.  Theresa made sure the dolls ended the weekend with a party, so just before dinner on Saturday night she set up her doll barbecue and a picnic on the big table which had previously held all the raffle prizes.  On Sunday morning after breakfast we all brought our dolls to join the summer party.  It was fascinating seeing the different outfits, hairstyles, faces and personalities of each doll, each one is unique.  I don't think any of us counted how many were on the table - all 8 of ours were there, however if each person present put 3 dolls on the table this would make nearly 100.

A Gregor boy offers to pull the new trailer for the babies, our Nicholas James in his new beach shorts (made by Lorraine) pulls the wooden cart
Our babies Leo and Mabel in their new trailer, with Miranda watching, while Florence and Laura stood behind on the cart
An Iona toddler came to join the fun, as did Theresa's Twizel
The little Iona talks to the Gregor while Nicholas James looks on
Reuben (in his Chwe-Chwe shirt) went to help with the barbecue - his South African connections mean that he knows about the 'braai'
some babies and toddlers having a picnic
Some girls watch the picnic fun
A pretty little Esther toddler
Twins sit in the foreground while others have some interesting conversations, Trendon Elliott is standing behind the girl with the green hat (alongside Henry)
Somehow my photos of this party don't include a proper view of Trendon Elliott who was wearing the elephant shirt I made in 2013.

We also had a big group photo of all the doll collectors with the doll barbecue as the background (mine didn't come out unfortunately, but Lorraine has some good ones on her blog post), then all too soon it was time to say thank you and goodbye.

It was a wonderful weekend - thank you especially to Janet, Lorraine, Theresa and Tricia for making sure everything went smoothly and to every one who attended and made it so special.  I hope to take photos of all the items we won or bought during the Celebration soon.


Serenata said...

It was a great weekend for sure. Love your photos of the last morning. Everyone had so much fun and such an amazing collection of dolls at the end - seeing them altogether was wonderful.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your dolls. Your photos are great.Keep in touch.

miniaturista said...

Hay para todos los gustos, son preciosas.
Un abrazo

Kendal said...

My! You've really been pushing on with these super blog posts. (I had my last head master and a teacher collegue over today so didn't get the chance to do any more to my posts.)
I think that I roughly counted more than 100 in the final scene plus noticed that Diane's many toddlers and Judith's three dolls were missing.

Triciamj said...

A great series of blogs Doll Mum - I've really enjoyed them!

DollMum said...

Kendal, I edited all the photos in 2 batches then created the series of blog posts in draft form in one sitting, then released them slowly over a few days (with a few editorial tweaks along the way). I've got one more to publish, but it is the odd one out as I haven't yet taken the photos for it so it isn't even in draft form yet. So you might have to wait a few days for it. After this series I'll go back to my pattern of occasional posts whenever I can find the time for dolls, which isn't often as you know because of the demands on my time for work and voluntary project and family.
Lorraine and Tricia, I'm glad you've enjoyed these posts and wasn't it a wonderful weekend.

Ginger said...

A lovely way to end the gathering on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. It is so nice to have gatherings for Sasha doll collectors. So very lovely DollMum! :) xxx

Angelo's Papa said...

Great staging of the dolls for the photos. You've made it look like a real BBQ party. Well done!