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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 3

Restringing demonstration part 1 - the Gotz doll restring

Brigitte's first restring at the Sasha Celebration weekend was a Gotz doll which had become a bit floppy, so her elastic needed replacing.  It turns out that the Gotz doll was the easiest to restring as all her limbs and head are supported on the same loop of elastic which is fastened to her neck ring with a nail through the elastic.  The following photos are in the order of restringing.

Gotz restringing 1 - off with her head
Gotz restringing 2 - making sure not to loose the leg hook
Gotz restringing 3 - dislodging the wooden neck ring from her torso
Gotz restringing 4 - putting a nail through the new elastic
Gotz restringing 5 - The new elastic secured in the neck ring
Gotz restringing 6 - Heating her neck to soften the vinyl to accept the neck ring
Gotz restringing 7 - showing how to remove the neck ring from the head with some fishing line to help (this would have been done earlier if this neck ring had been correctly in the head rather than the torso!)
Gotz restringing 8 - getting the neck ring and cord in place in her neck
Gotz restringing 9 - using a crochet hook to hold the elastic for her leg hook
Gotz restringing 10 - using a crochet hook to hold the elastic for her other leg
Gotz restringing 11 - hooking on her leg
Gotz restringing 12 - using the crochet hook to hold the elastic for her arm
Gotz restringing 13 - checking the leg hooks
Gotz restringing 14 - using pliers to tighten the leg hooks
Gotz restringing 15 - giving her to her owner
Gotz restringing 16 - all together again
Gotz restringing 17 - wearing her clothes after restringing
After the Gotz, Brigitte restrung 2 Trendon dolls - they proved much more complicated than the Gotz.  Photos in the next posts.

If you've missed the two previous posts about the Sasha Celebration you can find them at:


miniaturista said...

Una clase muy interesante y la muñeca ha quedado preciosa.
Un abrazo

Ginger said...

I enjoyed this post very much and how nice of Brigitte to demonstrate the stringing of the lovely Gotz doll. Very good to know how to string our Sashas! :) xxx

Kendal said...

Having seen Brigitte's re-stringing demonstrations on Saturday there's no way that I'd dare to attempt it..... so I guess that I'll continue to leave it to others!

Serenata said...

It was great to see this Gotz restringing - I had always thought it would be too complicated, but it actually looked quite easy!

Wonderful post DM.

twizel said...

Hi DollMum wasn't Brigitte's demo fascinating and the photo of Lee holding her newly strung doll is priceless, great post x