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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 4

Restringing demonstration - the Trendon girl

Brigitte's second restring at the Sasha Celebration weekend was a Trendon girl who had become floppy.  She was a lot more complicated to restring than the Gotz girl before her. It involved using another cord (the stripy one) to help pull the main double cord through her body.  Apparently Brigitte has made a video of the whole process which will be on her website soon.

Trendon restringing 1 - checking her neck ring
Trendon restringing 2 - removing her leg
Trendon restringing 3 - using pliers to undo her leg hook
Trendon restringing 4 - removing her head
Trendon restringing 5 - inspecting the neck hook
Trendon restringing 6 - fascinated audience
Trendon restringing 7 - only the arms still attached
Trendon restringing 8 - tying the reef knot in the new elastic
Trendon restringing 9 - adding string to elastic to make the ends lie flat
Trendon restringing 10 - looping through the pull cord
Trendon restringing 11 - the elastic and pull cord all wrapped around her hand, threading the cord through the neck
Trendon restringing 12 - complicated elastic and pull cord loops
Trendon restringing 13 - using the crochet hook to reach the other pull cord
Trendon restringing 14 - feeding the pull cord through
Trendon restringing 15 - grabbing the pull cord through the leg hole
Trendon restringing 16 - new elastic poking through the neck hole
Trendon restringing 17 - refitting the neck hook to the neck bar
Trendon restringing 18 - hooking the elastic at the neck
Trendon restringing 19 - pulling the cords to hook the legs onto the elastic
Trendon restringing 20 - hooking on the leg
Trendon restringing 21 - hooking on the other leg
Trendon restringing 22 - standing again
The next to be restrung was a Trendon boy who was too tightly strung - see the next post.

If you've missed the three previous posts about the Sasha Celebration you can find them at:


Serenata said...

Brilliant DM, great shots and avid audience!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

Kendal said...

.....and there was me always thinking that the Gotz Dolls were the hardest of the Sasha Dolls to re-string. Just goes to show what thought did!

Ginger said...

Well done and thank you for this post. I, too, thought Gotz dolls were more difficult to string but had only heard that having never tried such a feat. It helps to see the stringing steps to understand that it is not as difficult as I had thought it was in my mind. :) xxx

Dee said...

Great set of photo's showing what needs to be done.
Thanks for sharing them.