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Friday, 22 May 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 2

Saturday morning at the Sasha Celebration - midnight knitting resulted in only 4.5 hours sleep for me (see my previous post for the reason for this), however I was lucky on the Saturday morning because my bright eyed daughter brought me a cup of tea in bed which helped to wake me up.  I finished sewing in the threads on the cardigan and stitched on the button and press-stud then we went to breakfast.  This time we took the babies Mabel and Leo.

Leo and Mabel with my girl
After breakfast those of us running workshops were allowed into the Hall to set up our tables.  Nicholas James and Trendon Elliott decided to show off the little engines with tenders which I had devised as the kit for people to glue and paint.
our workshop table all set up
Trendon Elliott with the train I made (this was my prototype model)
Nicholas James with the train my daughter made from the kit to test it out before the weekend
Our workshop table was right beside the Studio Doll project display, so once we had finished setting up, I took the opportunity to look more closely at the dolls and take some photos.
The wonderful Studio Doll Project
More of the Studio Project dolls
 A gorgeous girl with a big bow
3 wonderful dolls from the Studio Doll Project
Some amazing hair styles and clothes in the Studio Doll Project
Farm girls and toddler
Incredible eye painting
Wonderful intricate sewing
The tables looked all neat and tidy before the workshops.  There were chocolates to keep people going.
Lorraine's crochet hat workshop table
Brigette's restringing demonstration all set up
While we were setting up, all the others gathered in the lounge area nearby chatting and sharing Sasha lore, while they waited to be let into the room.
A happy gathering of Sasha collectors waiting to enter the hall
Plenty of Sasha flavoured discussions amongst friends
When we entered the hall again, Janet gave each of us a goody bag, filled with little treasures for our Sasha dolls.  Everyone gathered around the restringing table and I placed myself with my camera just behind Brigette who was doing the demonstrations.  I took plenty of photos (more than anyone else I think of the restringing) as I was in an excellent position, these will be shared in the following three posts.


twizel said...

Hi Dollmum lovely photos of the studio dolls and your lovely daughter too xx

Dee said...

Looks like everything went well and the studio doll project by Janet was lovely to see.
Liked your little train set craft workshop.

miniaturista said...

Me encantan
Un abrazo

Kendal said...

Wasn't the breakfast just superb.... though not sure if you could do them justice after so little sleep with finishing off the knitting.
Loved the workshops and many thanks again for making my Brood that dear little train and fender.
The afternoons raffle did really well.
Looks like all your family's dolls had a wonderful time too.

Ginger said...

Thank you for the second post of the Sasha Celebration. It was so nice to see you and your daughter'r babies were attending the festivities too. Lovely studio doll paintings and wardrobes. What a nice time!!! :) xxx