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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sasha Celebration - part 5

Restringing demonstration - the Trendon boy who was strung too tightly

Brigitte restrung the Trendon boy in the same way as the Trendon girl before him.  His original stringing was way to tight and it was amazing that his chest wasn't very caved.  He proved quite a struggle to unstring, and seemed much more comfortable once his new stringing was in place.

Trendon restringing 1 - undoing his leg hook
Trendon restringing 2 - capturing his leg hook
Trendon restringing 3 - his head with the old tight stringing attached
Trendon restringing 4 - getting the old stringing out from his neck (really fiddly and tight)
Trendon restringing 5 - removing the old stringing
Trendon restringing 6 - looping the thread looped through his neck ring
Trendon restringing 7 - the thread looped through his neck ring ready to help get the new stringing in place
Trendon restringing 8 - tying the reef knot in his new elastic
Trendon restringing 9 - putting the thread through the new elastic to pull it through his neck ring
Trendon restringing 10 - new elastic looped through his neck ring
Trendon restringing 11 - putting the pull cord through his new elastic
Trendon restringing 12 - pulling the cords through his leg hole
Trendon restringing 13 - the pull cords go behind his arm elastic
Trendon restringing 14 - pulling the cords past the arm elastic
Trendon restringing 15 - pulling the cords through his legs
Trendon restringing 16 - hooking his leg onto the elastic
Trendon restringing 17 - a third hand was needed to hold him as his second leg was about to go on
Trendon restringing 18 - second leg goes back on
Trendon restringing 19 - standing tall and proud again and much more comfortable
The Gotz and Trendon stringing differences were interesting to observe - Gotz stringing uses one piece of elastic for all four limbs and the head, whereas Trendon uses a separate piece of elastic for the arms.

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Serenata said...

Great stuff! :-) Brilliant photos.

I too was surprised his neck wasn't more caved than it was.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: great job. Lovelu doll. We keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Gosh it looks complicated! But thanks for the guidance, Vivienne

Kendal said...

Great photos recording these re-stringing differences.

miniaturista said...

Un abrazo

Dee said...

I wonder what someone would think coming across your blog and seeing that first photo! Looks painful!! :)
Lovely record of how to do this restringing etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial. I could restring my girls with you.