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Friday, 29 June 2012

Sasha Doll festival 2012 - part 5

On the way to lunch on Saturday we admired Dawn Law's display of the baby nursery.

Lunch was held in the normal restaurant, rather than downstairs to save messing about with the room layout which needed to stay the same as the morning.  We sat at the same table as Fran, Boo, Karol and Dawn, her daughter and grandchildren.  The table gifts were lovely - a red mug with a pen, both labelled with the Festival name, and containing more of the outfit - shorts and top for sport, with an Olympic theme.  Dawn, our table hostess, provided lovely knitted sweaters and matching hats as gifts, I got white and fawn while my girl got white and pale blue, perfect for Miranda.  I had a good conversation with Karol, who told me about the dress she had made for the Children's fund auction and handed out sweets from Maine.  Dawn had arranged for a beautiful cake to be made celebrating the festival.
writing with the new red pen
Our doll family on the lunch table
Karol's lovely Sasha doll
The festival cake
my girl says thank you to Dawn for the lovely gifts
the girls play with the dolls in new outfits from Dawn
Fran's beautiful doll

The CFA was back in the downstairs room.  The children were happily occupied all through the auction by holding up the items for everyone to see, and taking them to the table for packing up ready for new owners.  I watched all 2 1/2 hours of the auction, helped Jackie a little with putting the bagged up items in a plastic crate, took photos and made notes of how much each item sold for, as I knew I probably wouldn't be able to bid on the items I liked.  Sure enough, everything I wanted went over my budget but it was fun seeing other people bidding, and hearing Pat say 'but its for the children' when ever bidding was a bit slow or when she felt something was worth more than the current bid.
CFA before the start
CFA before the start
CFA before the start
the dress Fran won
CFA before the start
smocking by Catherine French
CFA before the start
Bagging up the auction items
Boo's new baby
the item I donated, awaiting its new owner
Pat in charge of the auction

I was very gratified that the item I had made and donated (the sleeping bag & nightwear set) went for a respectable £45, and Tina told me afterwards she was very pleased to win it (she wasn't the only bidder), which made the enjoyable effort of creating it worthwhile.  And my girl didn't come away from the Auction empty handed - all the young helpers were treated to a lucky dip and what a lucky one it was for Miranda, as my girl opened a parcel with a new dress, pants, shoes and hair ribbon which perfectly matched Miranda's eyes.
opening the lucky dip
Boo's lucky dip prize
Miranda in her new outfit, donated by Rosemary Shortell

The CFA raised over £6,800 for 3 local children's charities (including Helen & Douglas Hospice) which was brilliant.

We returned to the caravan for some food, then I brought both my girls to the evening sales which started at 7:00 pm.  I was looking for shoes and managed to purchase a pair of turquoise sandals by Jean Jenson, as well as some red boots, purple Mary Janes and some baby shoes of pale green from other sellers.  I also bought two smocked items from Ruth Hartley (a dress and pants for Florence, and rompers for baby Mabel), and two hats (a cowboy hat for Nicholas James and a French hat for Miranda) from Jackie.  I haven't yet taken photos of all these items and didn't take photos of the sales rooms. My red haired girl admired a beautiful rewigged red head on Ruth Hartley's stall, but we couldn't buy her unfortunately.  Having now seen several reds 'for real' now, I know what I'm looking for, but will have to save up.


smpg298 said...

Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures and writing about the festival!

Anonymous said...

I have the same dress as Sasha Miranda. Mine was bought from Dawn who said she bought the fabric and had them made up by Ruth H. IIRC
It is one of my most favorite outfits.
-- Meg

Serenata said...

Having only got home yesterday I am finally getting a chance to catch up with everyone's blogs of the Festival. I have been enjoying reading through yours and love the little gifts your daughter received.

Dee said...

It was lovely meeting you and your daughter at the festival.
It all seems to have gone so fast and it would have been nice to have had more of a chat with everyone.
I had a spare hat left from the ones I gave out at the table, if you send me your daughter's name and address I will post it to her.If I had thought of it I could have given it to you on the night!
My email address is on my blog, sale page.
Thought your matching daughter and Sasha dresses a great idea and loved both your and your daughters Dress a Sasha entry's

Dee x