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Monday, 25 June 2012

Sasha Doll festival 2012 - part 1

I've been very busy sewing and knitting in preparation for the Sasha Doll festival which this year took place in the UK for the first time in 12 years, hence no blogging since the beginning of May.  I'll cover the festival in a series of posts, as I've got lots to share now that it is over (except for the lucky crowd who can get to Dawn's house tomorrow for tea - I shall be working).  I had a great time and so did my younger daughter who joined me and it was lovely to meet so many people whom I've only ever 'met' online.  A big thank you to all those who helped organise the festival.

I contributed 2 items to the festival this year which I made:
  • A sleeping bag, hand embroidered night dress, dressing gown and slippers for the Children's Fund Auction made from white fleece and patterned polyester cotton fabric, trimmed with lace.
  • A mint green skirt, top and hair band for the gift swap at the meet and greet.  The skirt was made from a wide band of machine embroidered gathered trim which I'd been given by a friend, it is the perfect length for a Sasha skirt.
However I also sewed an outfit for my younger daughter and a matching outfit for a Sasha doll, and knitted a lacy cardigan and hairband for the doll to match the dress

And I spent some time planning and creating my 'Dress a Sasha' entry. 

At Easter I bought another Sasha girl - a blond gingham without the gingham dress but with a vintage dress - via the Sasha Doll UK website and kept her hidden as a festival surprise.  In these photos she models the 'Goodnight Sasha' set and the mint green set.
CFA item 72
my blond gingham models CFA item 72
white fleece dressing gown, matching slippers, A-line nightdress, sleeping bag
hand embroidery on the nightdress
Mint green outfit: jersey top, machine embroidered skirt, jersey headband
close up of the top
 More about the actual festival and our new girl's name in the next posts.

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TheTrueFrancine said...

Such a pleasure to meet you, and I'm thrilled that the girls got along so well! Can't wait to read your festival posts, but don't take that to mean you need to hurry. ;-)