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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Sasha Doll festival 2012 - part 4

On Saturday morning we were treated to two very interesting talks.  The first was by a slightly nervous Marie, who showed us some brilliant slides of studio dolls and discussed in detail the history of Sasha studio dolls in particular.  Her slides showed the different faces which Sasha used, some of them more regularly than others.  She then unveiled her collection of Studio dolls in glass cases which we were able to photograph, what a glorious surprise to see them up close.
waiting for the first talk to begin
Marie gives her Studio doll talk
Eskimo Sasha studio dolls
Sasha Studio doll
A lovely pair of Sasha Studio dolls
Christine with her rare Sasha studio baby
rare Sasha studio baby
After the tea break Brenda Walton, the manager of the Trendon Factory, gave us a fascinating talk about the production and also showed us a BBC produced film of little Jenny watching her Gregor doll being made.  We were all pleased to know that Jenny still lives in the area near the factory and still has her Gregor.  It was quite entertaining when the hair was rooted into the doll's head by machine - the gasps and laughs around the room were quite audible, especially as we had learned all about the tedious task of rerooting the previous day - so fast and easy compared to the restoration process now.

Dawn Law with Ann Chandler
Brenda Walton talks of the early Sasha collector
who dressed the dolls to record a bygone era
the children busy colouring and drawing
Listening to Brenda
Some of Brenda's gorgeous Sasha Trendon collection
Some of Brenda's gorgeous Sasha Trendon collection
A lovely redhead from Brenda's collection
Another lovely redhead from Brenda's collection
My girl plays with our Sasha dolls
Before lunch, my daughter and I took the opportunity to look at the amazing Special Raffle prizes and the Helper Raffle.  We, like everyone else, were quite overwhelmed by the sight of the three prizes.  My girl wanted to win the baby, I liked the blond school boy and the American invasion Cora in equal measure, their collections of clothes and accessories were truly incredible.
On our way to lunch I got a chance to take a photo of the amazing themed display in the lobby with the cabinet doors open, so no glass reflections or door dividing the scene.
Children's Fund Auction next, but that will be in my next post.


Julie said...

I'm really enjoying your posts about the Festival. Your details and photos are just what this " I can't take a trip to England had to stay at home" Sasha lover wants to read and see.

Theodora said...

Great post about the festival! I now wished I had been there - it all looks really interesting and just magical! Thanks for sharing your experiences at the festival, very much appreciated. xxx karin

Theodora said...

Thank you so much for sending me this link again. Fabulous photographs, and doesn't Rosie look young and so pretty. I am sorry I missed that festival. I did leave a comment at the time. Thanks, Anna for all your wonderful dedicated work. Karin xxx