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Monday, 28 May 2018

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2018 - Part 5

After the SCW Oscar awards in which those of us who had run a craft workshop were given our own mini teddy, we chatted some more at the dinner table and my girl did another fishtail plait for her own doll Laura.  Trendon Elliott and Laura had come to dinner in their best music themed clothes (made by Lorraine who could not be with us at the SCW unfortunately and who would have joined our music trio playing her clarinet).

Trendon Elliot with my craft workshop thank you gift bear and Laura at dinner

Laura's fishtail plait

Emma and her young daughter invited a few of us back to her room for more socialising, so we joined Emma, her girl, Alison and Jocelyn for some late night chatting. My girl re-plaited the fishtail plait for Jocelyn's doll.

Chatting in Emma's room after completing the fishtail plait for Jocelyn's doll Ella

Enjoying a good Sasha chat

Happy with Ella's restyled hair

Closeup of Ella's fishtail plait (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)

It had been such a long, fun, busy day but that didn't stop us talking until late.  On Sunday morning Laura and baby Theo took Animal's SCW Oscar to breakfast so that immediately after breakfast we could photograph the Fanfare band with the award before packing up the band until their next appearance.  Many of the Red Carpet dolls had left the carpet when we arrived, it was sad to see the display denuded of many of its finely dressed occupants.

Laura and Theo with Animal's SCW Oscar

The Fanfare Band with SCW Oscar
All my other photos of the Fanfare band have not shown what was written on the labels for each doll, so I photographed them to show.

Louise Armstrong with his trumpet from High Society - in tribute to the great jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong providing a fanfare fore the red carpet entrants!

'Animal' from The Muppets - a toddler is never far from being an enthusiastic, dangerous, untamed … music maker - give him a set of drums with a crashing cymbal and he is happy!

Janet - a classy lady plays her flute in the band - providing the melodies and trills to accompany the entry of the red carpet Sasha and Gregor beauties!

Janet and her flute

Janet the very classy lady in the Fanfare band

Alan took a group photo of most of the SCW people at 9.30 am, some had already left to catch trains or planes, some were loading their cars but we had all three children in the photo.

Most of the 2018 SCW attendees
Alan had his photo booth for those of us who wanted our dolls photographed in front of a scenic backdrop before we left.

Reuben as Louis Armstrong (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)

Louis Armstrong and his trumpet (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)

Animal and his SCW Oscar (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)

Closeup of 'Animal' (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)

Animal in the street (photo Alan Hinchcliffe)
And so it was time to say goodbye to everyone at the 2018 SCW, it went far too fast!  I would like to thank Janet and Tricia for another triumph of organisation, exercise in patience, great ideas brilliantly realised and positive encouragement - their work made the weekend memorable for all of us.

Now I need to work out what the wooden craft will be next time...


twizel said...

Thank you for taking me to the SCW this year , which as you know I was unable to attend. Jocelyn was a great sport taking on the The Trendon eye demonstration and I am glad that everyone enjoyed the film. DD muppet entry was fantastic and I think I will have to ask her to show me how to do a fishtail plait.

Dee said...

It's so good of Alan to take professional photo's on the last day of peoples dolls. I think Animal's photos look particularly good of him with his Oscar and his chains :)

jamamy said...

A lovely end to your wonderful posts Anna, I have enjoyed each and every one all over again. The addition of live music to our Celebration made such an impact on the weekend and I hope that trend will continue. I'm so glad you are thinking about a new wood craft for next year, nothing like a bit of forward planning! Thank you for all you do xxx

NeverUschi said...

It has been a joy to see all the photos of well dressed and groomed Sashas. There are so many creative people out there. Thank you! And congratulations to Animal and his mummy for their award!

Serenata said...

Some super photos and blog posts of this fabulous event. Thank you so much for writing these blog posts, it is always really enjoyable to see what everyone got up to and to see all the fabulous dolls. It was an amazing few days by the looks of things! So glad you all had such a wonderful time.

Ginger said...

Wonderful posts of the SCW. I appreciate you organizing the photos to show us the happy events. It is so nice of Alan to provide photos again this year. What a great time for special Sasha friends. 😊 xxx