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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2018 - Part 2

The Raffle at the SCW is always epic in length as people are so generous.  This year the top prizes on a separate table included TEN dolls and several outfits or doll related sets, some of the dolls were one of a kind (re-rooted hair or repainted eyes).  The first ticket is always a top prize then throughout the draw for the mound of other lovely prizes occasionally a top prize would be announced (and we would all say 'ooooh' in anticipation of the draw).  I was flattered that when sorting the prizes, Janet and Tricia decided that our donation of the turquoise shweshwe dress, hat and underpants set which I made along with the crochet hair accessories made by my younger daughter would be a top prize.

The day before the SCW my Florence modelled the Raffle outfit I made while Melanie wore the dress I had previously made to match the 20" Studio doll outfit for Emmalee Rose

Florence showing the plain side of the hat brim of the Raffle outfit

Florence models the turquoise shweshwe outfit for the 2018 SCW raffle

Front of the dress, with hat and underpants of my 2018 SCW raffle donation

Back of the dress, with hat and underpants of my 2018 SCW raffle donation

The first lucky prize winner was Laura, who was thrilled to claim the re-rooted beauty wearing a Ruth's doll Scottish dancing outfit donated by Mary.

Janet draws Laura's winning ticket

Laura's excitement as she chooses her doll

Thanking Mary for her wonderful donation to the raffle
Laura was sitting with us and after returning to her seat she remained transfixed by her luck, carefully examining her lovely doll.  My girl would have loved that doll or the doll called 'Syria' or the doll donated by Petrana, or any of the them but this year we didn't win a top prize, instead we collected several lovely prizes from the main table, some we chose from the main table were ones which Laura donated, this made us laugh. When Laura's ticket was called for a top prize later on she held up the outfit I had donated and said to me 'do you mind me choosing this?' I just burst out laughing again.  She had helped me with the resizing of the same outfit to Studio doll size when I was making that dress for Dorisanne's doll, we had photographed our dolls together when we visited her in Devon and now she was collecting the 16" Sasha version of the dress I had made for the SCW, she clearly likes the style and fabric!

Delighted with the dress
My girl and I were pleased that the youngest child at the SCW won a baby doll in her crib from the top table.

A delighted young Sasha collector claims her baby from the top prizes

The last prize in the draw is always a specific doll, this year Janet won the last prize doll with her beautiful eyes.  The Raffle raised a staggering £3,000 which was match funded by a corporate sponsor to increase it tenfold for Save the Children International.

After the raffle we set up my daughter's sales table items on the same table I had used for the craft workshop during the morning, sharing the space with Jenny who had made lots of lovely outfits.  My daughter had learned to crochet and in addition to making Animal's headgear, she had crocheted several flowers and flower headbands - hair accessories for Sasha.  The individual flowers had a hair clip stitched to them and were sold in pairs or as singles.  She only had 3 headbands (5 flowers in a row) and sold one of them, as well as taking an order for another in a particular wool (she had a basket of wool for people to choose from).  She was pleased to sell nearly half of what she had made.  Laura and Louisa modelled a floral headband and a flower on a hairclip.

DollMum's daughter with her crochet hair accessories for Sasha

Dealing with a happy customer

All smiles about the hair accessories!
We both looked at all the sales items but this year I did not buy anything (I was very restrained) as we've got a big expense approaching and we had been very lucky with the Raffle.

Beautiful outfits and bedding

A range of colours, patterns and styles for this outfits

Petrana's fine outfits

The Dollydoodles outfits

Some miniature figures from Germany

A range of Sasha goodies

Lots of dolls for sale

Laura changed her new doll Jackie into the dress I had donated and clipped one of the flower hairclips into her hair peeping out from under her hat and we photographed our dolls together, wearing their sundress outfits.

L-R: Laura's pram, Melanie in her shweshwe outfit, Laura's studio doll Sela in her sundress and hat I'd made as a prototype, Laura's Jackie in her new raffle outfit, my pram and baby Nina playing with her abacus (my prototype)
There was more fun to come as the evening approached, which will be explained in the next instalments.


Serenata said...

Gosh Laura does seem to have all the Good Luck in winning top prizes. How wonderful! Lovely to see and read more about the weekend.

jamamy said...

Lovely, what an enjoyable post. I especially loved the photos of Laura and her contagious joy! How wonderful that she also won that amazing shweshwe outfit, I loved it so much and would love one myself, any chance of commissioning one Doll Mum? <3 Thank you also for photographing the sales tables, I wasn't able to go around having one of my own, I must rectify that next year!

Dee said...

The raffle is indeed an epic one at the SCW , people are so generous with their donations and ticket buying.
Which makes it so hard to chose and also see everything that's available if you are lucky enough to win. Laura's face was a picture when she got the first golden ticket!

Glad so see that Dmd did a good trade in her hair accessories. There were lots of lovely items for sale on the tables and it was nice to see people getting a new doll.

Kendal said...

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these sheer Sasha temptations and raffle prizes photographed here.
What a fabulous Sasha Saturday afternoon!
Congratulations on your attractive doll hair accessory sales DMD.