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Monday, 28 May 2018

Fanfare band on tour

Animal's agent was hard at work arranging a tour of the Red Carpet Fanfare Band and clinched a booking at the home of the world famous Henry Holiday who sadly had been unable to attend the Sasha Celebration Weekend 2 weeks earlier.

Henry, Everlee and Maddison had seen the photos of the Red Carpet occupants and would not rest until the band came their way.

Henry (electric guitar), Everlee (violin) and Maddison (flute) along with visiting, laid back guitarist Gilly wanted to join the England based members of the original band (Reuben and Edmund) - the band was sadly lacking its classiest original member Janet who had returned to the USA for her solo flute tour.

Everlee, Maddison, Reuben, Animal (Edmund), Henry and Gilly make music in the Red Carpet Fanfare Band

Everlee and Maddison with violin and flute

Henry and Gilly played guitar

Animal's enthusiasm knew no bounds - more instruments to drown out with his drumming!

Henry and Gilly the guest guitarists would not be outdone by a noisy, enthusiastic toddler drummer

In the audience were toddlers Louisa and Bonnie (in her SCW raffle outfit, brought as a gift), Laura and Trendon Elliott along with Ella and Meredith.

Louisa, Bonnie, Laura, Trendon Elliott, Ella and Meredith listened in surprise

Laura, Trendon Elliott, Ella and Meredith leaned forward to listen

The band made lots of noise tuning up and after a couple of false starts soon made some recognisable music, punctuated frequently by Animal crashing cymbal, banging drums and rattling his chain.  The audience listened in amazement at what could be achieved with enthusiasm, listening to each other, some lessons and a short rehearsal.

The Red Carpet Fanfare Band on tour with their fans
The Sasha audience and extended Red Carpet Fanfare Band would like to encourage their friends everywhere to learn a musical instrument as there is so much fun to be had from making music together.


treefrogdemon said...

Hooray - what a lovely day we had! Thanks Lorraine, DollMum, DMD and all the Sashas (especially Animal) - Jocelyn

Serenata said...

They put on quite the performance - a very enjoyable day indeed. What better way to spend a bank holiday Monday than with like minded friends.

judyleeknits said...

Love reading about the Sasha events and seeing all of your pictures. You really outdid it with Animal! He is Awesome! ❣️