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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2018 - Part 3

It was late Saturday afternoon at the 2018 SCW and my daughter had sold a few hair accessories at her sales stand, much to her relief after all her crochet work - it was gratifying to have some customers.  We returned to our room with our Sasha dolls and the remaining hair accessories then picked up our violin, flute, music stands and music and met Mary with her flute in the dinner room.

We had corresponded via email about the live music group to complement the Red Carpet Fanfare Band.  Janet had asked if we could play music from the movies and we found a trios book of fairly straightforward arrangements - there were various books with the same parts for different instruments, so I bought the violin and flute book while Mary bought the flute book.  Mary also sent us one piece via email which we printed out and she brought a book of Harry Potter tunes for us to sight read.  We decided to play one piece before the starter, one before the main course and one before the pudding / dessert.  We had such fun rehearsing together for 30 minutes having rehearsed separately because of the big pond between the UK and USA.

Our trio started with Harry Potter - Hedwig's theme (starter), then played Hallelujah from Shrek (main course) then played Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark (pudding). People seemed to enjoy it and Alan filmed us playing for dinner and shared the videos with the Sasha Morgenthaler group on Facebook.

Discussing our parts just before playing Raiders March

The SCW flute and violin trio for Saturday night dinner

After dinner Dee gave the second talk about Sasha eyes following Jocelyn's talk the previous evening - this time all about the Gotz eyes.  The other display at the SCW was a long table of serie (production) Sasha dolls of all the different eye styles and production periods.  It was really interesting to see how the eye styles had changed over time on the serie dolls of the Gotz, Frido and Trendon productions.

Eye display - early Trendon Sasha dolls

Eye display - early Trendon Sasha dolls

Eye display - Trendon babies with their siblings

Eye display - later Trendon Sasha children

Eye display - the prototype Trendon toddlers and some early Gotz dolls

Eye display - early Gotz Sasha dolls

Eye display - early Gotz Sasha dolls

Eye display - early and later Gotz Sasha dolls

Dee explains about Gotz Sasha eyes

During dinner there was also time for a bit more hair styling - my girl did a fishtail plait for Laura's beautiful Sasha doll.

Doing a fishtail plait on Laura's doll

Completed fishtail plait

Arranging the front hair strands into soft ringlets

Matching - Laura made both dresses
We also had some doll visitors to our table.  It was delightful to meet the gorgeous Sasha Studio toddler we had first met in Dorisanne's home last year, this little red haired beauty now lives with one of the biggest collections of Sasha serie toddlers in England.

Sasha Studio bebe and Toddler
This cheeky lad in the tea cup was one of two small BJD (ball jointed dolls) who visited us.

Small BJD boy in a tea cup - this lad was full of mischief
The next post is all about the Awards for the Red Carpet entrants - the Oscars of the Sasha Celebration Weekend.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this Anna!!i loved playing music with you and Rosie! I think we may have started a tradition!!

jamamy said...

I have to say that the musical trio really made the event. I loved how you all played together and can't believe you just had 30 minutes of practice. Every tune was so polished and perfect to hear between each course at dinner. Now I think you have all set a precedent!

Dee said...

Well done on playing so well together when only able to have 30 minutes practice. It was interesting hearing the show tunes and nice to recognise the movies they came from.

It was nice seeing some non Sasha dolls at dinner, it's always interesting to see what other collect and maybe get a chance to see a doll you are interested in yourself.

It was also nice seeing the range of dolls made by both the English and German production , only a couple were missing from the display due to their rarity.

Kendal said...

Lovely to see and read just what I had unfortunately had to miss again this year.
Great choice of music to compliment the Red Carpet SCW theme. Clever idea!

Ginger said...

Thank you for sharing the SCW photos. What a wonderful time together with Sasha friends. 😊 xxx