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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Chat 'n Snap 2014 - part 3

This is the final collection of my photos from the Chat 'n Snap last week.  For part 1 see, for part 2 see

These were the wonderful dolls from Janet's 'Studio doll project'.
Sasha Studio Doll Project dolls
Gorgeous eyes on this doll from the Sasha Studio Doll Project
I remember seeing this beautiful, haunting doll at the 2012 Festival
More of the Studio Doll project dolls
Dee had challenged people to bring their course dolls to keep her course doll company.  17 came for the day.
Some of the 17 course dolls which made their way to the Chat 'n Snap
Gorgeous course dolls
Some course dolls and Dawn's Studio doll in her tube
Diane had challenged the Chat 'n Snap to rival the number of toddlers who had attended the 2014 Sasha Festival, and collect for charity.  This little lad was supervising the collection.
The Toddler table
The Toddlers looked like they were preparing for Halloween
Lots of toddlers seem to like little Sailing boats
More of the toddlers (I believe there were 47?)
Looking like butter wouldn't melt...
There were tables laid out for Sasha and Gregor dolls of all descriptions to meet and greet each other.
Some of the Sasha & Gregor dolls and babies with that wonderful restored pram
Baby Leo and Baby Mabel sitting with some other babies
More of the amazing variety of Sasha and Gregor dolls, all different
I didn't take a photo of the table where there were 3 horses and more Sasha's.  We didn't think to bring my daughter's lovely white horse.  Maybe next year...


Serenata said...

Great to see all the different dolls that attended. Well dressed and very glamorous, even the toddlers!

It was wonderful to see Janet's project in person as well, I think the dolls look even better in real life than in photos.

Kendal said...

I always like to see other photos of the event afterwards each with their own personal and different view/slant etc. captured.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see Janet's Studio replicas individually as they had been packed away for home by the time we ready to photograph them so I was really thrilled to see these closer pics of yours so many thanks.

Theodora said...

These are brilliant photographs of the Chat n Snap! You did a really nice job there. Lots of things I have missed, too, because I had to leave early. Love all the little boats and planes. Don't know how I missed those. It was a really well organized event and I am looking forward to the next one! See you there, I hope! xxx